MADiSON Controls and Shortcuts Guide

Are you ready for another psychological horror game? Developer and publisher Bloodious Games has finally released MADiSON, an immersive horror video game where you are tasked to solve puzzles, explore, and survive.

In the game, you will be experiencing some terrifying encounters. All you have to do is contain your emotion and use your mind to overcome these encounters. To help you with the game, this page offers all of the important MADiSON controls.

MADiSON Controls

The game is currently available on consoles and PC. Let’s start off this guide with the default MADiSON key bindings and shortcuts. For the PlayStation and Xbox versions, check the controls after this.

WalkW A S D
Look AroundMouse Movement
Interact / Take Photos / Shake PhotosLeft Mouse Button
Use Instant CameraRight Mouse Button (Hold)
Zoom Instant PhotosMouse Wheel
BackRight Mouse Button
Pause MenuEsc
MADiSON Controls

Now, for console players, here are the default buttons to play the game.

WalkLeft Analog StickLeft Analog Stick
Look AroundRight Analog StickRight Analog Stick
Interact / Take Photos / Shake PhotosR2RT
Use Instant CameraL2 (Hold)LT (Hold)
Zoom Instant PhotosR1RB
MADiSON Gamepad Controls

This is everything about our MADiSON controls guide. In case we missed any important key controls, please do let us know so we can update this guide.

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