Major Second Season 2

MAJOR Second Season 2 Episode 10 Release Date and Streaming Guide

The second season of Major 2nd has finally returned. Following the delayed release of the previous episodes, we’re now heading to the Major 2nd Season 2 Episode 10. Join Daigo Shigeno, Mutsuko Sakura, and their team as they progress in the world of Baseball. Will they be able to reach the top spot? Let’s find out once the Major Second Season 2 Episode 10 releases.

Following the events that happened in the last two episodes since it has been postponed, fans are eager to find out the outcome of the match. Read on to learn when the Major Second Season2 Episode 10 premiere date. Discover where to watch the newest episode of Major 2nd once it drops online.

When is Major Second Season 2 Episode 10 premiere date?

Major Second Season 2 Episode 10

Now that things are going back to normal after the long hiatus due to the Coronavirus outbreak in Japan, fans need to set their eyes for the release of the next episode. Major 2nd Season 2 Episode 10 will be released on Saturday, July 25, 2020. If you’re in Japan, you can watch the new episode at 4:35 PM (JST) on your local TV channels.

Note that you have the scheduled release date and time is using Japan Standard Time, which means that if you’re not residing in Japan, you have to convert it into your local timezone to catch the series. Below we have already converted it for you so that you can focus on the series. You can watch the 10th episode of Major 2nd Season 2 as early as the following:

  • July 25 at 3:35 AM (EDT)
  • July 25 at 8:35 AM (BST)
  • July 25 at 7:35 AM (UTC)
  • July 25 at 12:35 AM (PDT)
  • July 25 at 9:35 AM (CEST)

The second season of Major 2nd will only be having a total of 25 episodes. With the upcoming release of the 10th episode, it only means that we are already halfway done with the anime series. Make sure to watch the new episode to see more character development and baseball action in Major Second Season 2.

Where to watch Major 2nd Season 2 Episode 10?

As mentioned above, the anime series is being broadcasted first in Japan. Right after it finished its broadcast in Japan, the official distributors will be sharing the episode with English subtitles online. You can catch Daigo Shigeno and his friends only on Crunchyroll and VRV.