Malice Achievement Walkthrough Guide

This guide will be showing you the complete walkthrough on how to get all achievements in Malice.

Chapter 1


  • M – Men
  • G – Girl
  • X – Any of them

Let’s get started with the walkthrough:

  • (G) Touch the door handles 9 times (left) – 1 time (right) – 4 times (left) – 1 time (right) ( Seasonal).
  • (X) Take 2 disk from shelves and another behind the middle paper.
  • (X) Put the disks in the box.
  • (X) Solve the puzzle ( What’s more Important is the Family).
  • (X) Take two cubes from box and another two cubes from below the stair.
  • (X) Put the cubes in the lock over the stairs, burn up the books and put the code in the lock ( Key of Knowledge).
  • (X) Take the key upstair and open the locked door in the first floor.
  • (X) Go up, take the right doll, look the code number in the paper and select first the columns then the rows.

  • (X) Use the code on the lock in the second floor ( Key of Knowledge).
  • (X) Take the shogi piece and bring it to the board.
  • (X) Place the piece in (C=3, R=6) move to (C=3, R=7) then to (C=3 , R=3) ( They’re watching you…).

  • (X) Take the key and open the secret door upstair.
  • (X) Take mask in one side of the corner and interact with the paint here ( Yoo How’s Life?).
  • (X) Give the mask to the girl.
  • (X) Place this items in the circles: Sword – Water bottle – Torch – Plate – Paper ( Universal Element).
  • (X) Press the items with the black bottle in hand:( Misunderstanding The Underground Mansion).

Chapter 2

  • (X) Follow the portal with the sound three times ( Those were the days…).
  • (M) Step over the elevator.
  • (G) Press the lever.
  • (M) Take the light.
  • (G) Use the lever again and go throw the maze.
  • (G) Collect key, Bucket and rope.
  • (G) Use key at left on the exit.
  • (M) Put the light on the cabinet. ( All work and no play).
  • (X) Touch the six difference in the reality and mirror ( Reflecting the truth).

  • (X) Take key and lever, use key on door
  • (X) Place each piece of bucket
  • (X) Take water
  • (X) Give water to the men
  • (X) Open two doors.
  • (X) Take scissors and cut one finger of the hands.
  • (X) One person paint the ropes the other write the body parts.
  • (X) Cut the next parts: left wrist – neck – right ankle – right wrist – waist. ( Weird Fetish).
  • (X) Go to the new door and solve the puzzle ( So Much for a Stick).

  • (X) Take both parts of the mechanism and give to the girl.
  • (X) Listen the song of each head an place on the right place according to the mask ( From Head to Head).
  • (X) Prepare a Heart soup -> Brain soup -> Liver soup follow the instruction of the floor.
  • (X) Give each soup to the person of the other room.
  • (X) Take scissors near the cooking table, cut the tonges of the heads and bring it to the soups ( A Fine Banquet Jigoku Village).

Chapter 3

First section is full of puzzles:

  • [X] Follow the center image for solve the first puzzle.

  • [X] Connect the pieces using the near tiles.

  • [X] Take the star tile, put into the new box, press the green button and the center tile.
  • [X] Grab your first arm.
  • [X] Place the combination like the image and move the lower left 5-6 times.

  • [X] Take the key and three circles, place the key on the middle box, make a star (in the floor there’s the hint for this), then place the circles and put like the photo.

  • [X] Take the tile, go to the sliding puzzle, solve it and place the tile.

  • [X] Take your second arm.
  • [X] Give both arms to the girl ( Puzzling Minds).

The next one you have to coordinate a little.

  • (G) Go to the drumbs part, the smaller move the other elevator to the 1st floor, the medium to the second and the bigger to the third
    If you press again the drumb will rotate the other ceil
  • (G) Open the path of ther other side with the smaller drumb
  • (M) Go to the other side and make the same with the guitar
  • (X) Each one should reach to an available box until both of you get a leg.
  • (X) Gove both arms to the girl ( Teamwork makes dreamwork).

The last one is easier.

  • (X) Look the three paints below the stairs, from left to right are representing elements.
  • (M) In the second floor there’s the character of each element, place them in the middle box.
  • (G) Move throw the maze with the men’s hint and without touching the guards.
  • (G) Take the head and go back in the same path.
  • (X) Place the head to the girl ( Checkmate).
  • (X) Kill your partner for the last missable ( I’m sorry. The Void of Hunger Malice).

Repeat the third chapter if both of you want the I’m sorry achievement, ‘Teamwork makes dreamwork‘, ‘Puzzling Minds‘ and ‘Those were the days‘ was bugged for me and only pop up for the host.

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