Maneater Collectibles Locations: License Plates, Landmarks, and Nutrient Caches

Tripwire Interactive and Deep Silver’s Maneater video game is now live and fans are now excited to explore the vast body of waters in this open-world game. Apart from the thrill and excitement that Maneater offers, the developer has also prepared some interesting activities that players can do in the game. One of these is the collectable items which are scattered across the map.

Collecting and visiting all these gems in the game will not only give you rewards but also give you the chance to see explore the world of the Shark. In this Maneater guide, we will be sharing you all the locations, items, and other things that you can find in the game.

Every Maneater Collectibles

In Maneater, there’s a total of 8 main areas which contains a number of collectibles. These are the license plates, nutrient caches which is useful to level up your shark, and landmarks containing items which are used for upgrades. Below are the maps where you can find these items.

All Fawtick Bayou Collectibles

Maneater Fawtick Bayou

Fawtick Bayou has a total of 10 landmarks, 17 nutrient caches, and 10 License Plates.

All Dead Horse Lake Collectibles

Maneater Dead Horse Lake

In Dead Horse Lake, you will be able to find 10 landmarks, 14 nutrient caches, and 10 license plates.

All Golden Shores Collectibles

Maneater Golden Shores

Golden Shores features 8 landmarks, 17 nutrient caches, and 10 license plates.

All Sapphire Bay Collectibles

Maneater Sapphire Bay

Explore the seas of Sapphire Bay and find 8 landmarks, 19 nutrient caches, and 10 license plates.

All Prosperity Sands Collectibles

Maneater Prosperity Sands

Prosperity Sands has 10 landmarks, 12 nutrient caches, and 10 license plates.

All Caviar Key Collectibles

Maneater Caviar Key

Visit Caviar Key and discover the 8 landmarks, 13 nutrient caches, and 10 license plates.

All The Gulf Collectibles

Maneater The Gulf

Right after Caviar Key, head to the open seas and search for the 9 landmarks, a whopping 21 nutrient caches, and 10 license plates.

All Crawfish Bay Collectibles

Maneater Crawfish Bay

Last but not least is the Crawfish Bay where the 10 nutrient caches and 10 license plates are waiting for you. There is no landmark in this area so you better keep that in mind.

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