Many Faces

Many Faces Achievement List and Guide for Xbox One

Developer and publisher eastasiasoft has released the official Many Faces achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In Many Faces, players will be collecting 14 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore. There is no hidden achievements in this game. Check out the full Many Faces achievements for Xbox One.

Many Faces Achievements

Fluffy Boss IKill 1 boss50
Fluffy Boss IIKill 2 boss80
Fluffy Boss IIIKill 3 boss100
Creamy Enemy IKill 8 enemies50
Creamy Enemy IIKill 24 enemies70
Creamy Enemy IIIKill 48 enemies100
Broken Heart ICollect 1 heart30
Broken Heart IICollect 5 hearts70
Broken Heart IIICollect 10 hearts100
Steep Dancer IBeat stage 150
Steep Dancer IIBeat stage 280
Steep Dancer IIIBeat stage 3100
Funky HatCollect a Hat (excluding tutorial)40
Fast LearnerComplete the tutorial80

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By Earl Stewart

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