Martial Law Achievements Walkthrough Guide

A short guide which will help you complete all achievements in Martial Law


You can get your first achievement in your house in the beginning of the game you just have to go to the bathroom and flush the toilet.

Interesting achievement but ok lol


it w. ad aa nice debate. ED no.2

For the second achievement you have to get out of your apartment and talk to the drunk fellow on the bench. You just have to get drunk for this achievement xdd. Choose these dialogues

  • “Sure, i need to relax”
  • “Sure,. let’s do sooo”
  • “Offf course”

it w. ad aa nice debate

You get the ending No.2 *hick* after getting this achievement.


This is a tricky one. For this achievement you have to go talk to the drunk guy again but chose the other option

  • “You know i don’t do that anymore…”

Now you have to go towards the shop to the right and talk the guy with the prompt.

Choose this dialogue

  • “Steal the card *fight*”

Now you have to fight the guy but for this achievement you cant get hit by him even once.

You just have to space yourself, move left punch, move left again, punch make sure you keep distance so that you don’t get hit.

Beating the guy up without talking any damage will grant you the “VERRYYY STROONG” achievement


OUCH. ED no.4

Immediately after beating the guy move to the right to the apartment where it says “here”. Now talk to guy and choose this diagloue options.

  • “Sorry, I am in a hurry.”

Selecting this diagloue gets you the “OUCH” achievement and also the ending no.4.


For Freedom. ED no.3

After you get the OUCH ending you can just retry so you don’t have to redo everything.

Now talk to the guy again and choose these dialogues

  • “For this favour, that would be appropriate.”
  • “Ok, I can help.”

Now walk to the factory and use these dialogues.

  • “I work in the factory from across here and i wanna join you.”
  • “And you are going to let the ruling party for that?”

Getting arrested gives you the achievement For freedom xd and also ending no.3

For Freedom.

Those were the days, My comrades. ED no.1

There are two ways to get this achievement or ending one requires you to convince the factory workers to stop their protest and the other involves you go through the main story line. I would recommend you play through the main story-line.

The first way just hit retry instead of doing everything again reach the factory and then choose these dialogues to convince the workers to stop.

“Perhaps, It’s not that bad of an idea. It’s not gonna change anything”

“In my opinion it makes a lot of sense”.

After convincing the workers the stranger will help you by driving you to your wife’s home.

Now it wouldn’t matter which dialogues you choose you should get the ending and the achievement.

Again i would highly recommend that you go through the main story-line for the best experience.

To get the achievement through the main story-line follow these steps.

  • Get out of your apartment.
  • Don’t drink with the guy on the bench.
  • Talk to the man with the card.
  • Tell him it is for your daughter and you wish you could do more for her
  • Help the mans mother by getting things she wants from the store.
  • Help the fainting lady near the store
  • Now enjoy the rest of the game talk to the mother and your daughter and you should get the achievement and ending

Using either way to play will get you the Ending no.1 and the achievement.

Those were the days, my comrades.

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