Mechabellum – Basic Mechanics and Unit Details Guide

This guide will show you the basic tips and tricks to get started in Mechabellum.

Mechabellum Basic Mechanics

Gold mechanics
Gold per turn = number of turns *200. The upper limit is very high. Any money left over from the last round can be saved for the next round.

Health mechanism
The amount of health deducted after defeat is equal to the value of all enemy units on the field, and the value of each unit is equal to the amount of gold spent to purchase a level 1 unit of the same type.
For example, if a Vulcan is left in the field, he can only deduct 400 health, regardless of his level. However, it should be noted that the value of this unit refers to the value of a single module in a pawn card. For example, if there is only one crawler left in a team of crawlers, the blood is calculated to calculate the value of this single crawler, not a team.

Hate mechanics
Units have two attack weights, one is distance, one is turn time. The unit will calculate which unit he can hit first based on distance and turn time, and this is his target.

Reinforcement mechanism
From the second turn, at the beginning of each turn, there will be four reinforcements to choose from and only one to choose from. Remember, the reinforcements are the same on both sides. And already selected reinforcements will not appear on the field again.
Only one of the different types of reinforcements can be selected for each unit. The other types of reinforcements no longer appear after the selection. If Longbow Expert 1 is selected, longbow Expert 2 and 3 will no longer appear.

Initial expert
At the start of the first leg, each team has four initial openings to choose from, but this initial opening is different for both sides. The initial opening consists of one expert, two teams of T2s, three teams of T1s, and unlocking the corresponding units. (t2 refers to units purchased with 200 yuan unlocked with 50 yuan, t1 refers to units purchased with 100 yuan unlocked with 0 yuan unlocked, and t3 refers to giant units)

Unit deployment and unlocking
Only two units can be deployed per turn, the deployment specialist can add an additional deployment cap, and the power tower on the left can temporarily add a deployment cap.
Only one unit can be unlocked per turn.

Energy tower
When the tower is knocked down by the enemy, it gives all of us a negative effect that reduces attack power, reduces movement speed, and increases damage. The power towers on the left and right have different functions you can choose from.

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