Meet Kawaki, Naruto’s Adopted Son in Boruto Series

Kawaki is one of the main characters featured in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations who, like Naruto, had a life full of tragedies.

Naruto was alone, despised, and considered an aberration as a child. Kawaki was no different. Despite the different circumstances, he led a painful life in his childhood.

Coming from an abusive family, Kawaki was sold to a monk named Jigen, who was to become his adoptive father. The young kid did not know what family love was and did not even have any friends.


Even as a child, he underwent several unethical experiments and all of this prevented him from trusting other people.

Eventually, after an airship accident, he was found by the new team 7, who discovers that Kawaki also has a Karma mark, just like Boruto has.

From that point on, Kawaki started to live with Naruto and his family, who wanted to understand how those brands work. However, Kawaki’s tragic past continued to prevent him from trusting other people. Many times he tried to escape and even caused destruction.

Kawaki and Naruto

Time passed and the young Kawaki started to relate better with people, mainly with Boruto and Naruto.

It is later revealed that Kawaki is a receptacle for Isshiki Otsutsuki. It was marked by the Karma seal, which is a backup of an Otsutsuki. Thus, Isshiki will take possession of Kawaki’s body.

In the first episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, in a flashforward, we saw that Kawaki and Boruto are facing each other in Konoha, while in the background we see total chaos and destruction of the village.

The series has not yet reached this point but it seems that putting Kawaki in the Uzumaki family was not good!

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