Mega Mall Story 2 Achievement Guide and Hints

Some tips to get 100% achievements in Mega Mall Story 2. Please let me know if you need anything else.

General Tips

  • Use events to boost the quality of those tasks. The events add more quality further down the list!
  • Start small and don’t expand too quickly. Generally, stores will be asked to hit level 4 or 100 quality.
  • Keep shopkeepers in mind when building. Higher level staff will add bonus quality to the various types of stores. This will also be helpful with quality tasks.
  • Keep the tasks that unlock elevators in mind. It will be vital to later challenges unless you want to build everything on the first floor as needed.
  • Two tasks have strange typos. Both require you to build a specific venue on the 1f. This would be the Tapas Bar and the Seven Eel-Elven.
  • There are more tasks than necessary for the achievement, but the particularly hard ones typically are tied to character unlocks.

Kairo Family Achievement

You will need to satisfy all 4 members of the family.


Unlocked by getting the Golden Kairobot to level 10.


Unlocked by having a 5 Star Mall, and then pay 500KG

Satisfy him by getting your Kebab House to Quality 200

Sally Prin

Unlocked by having a 5 Star Mall and pay 1000KG

Satisfy her by having a Nail Salon to level 5\

(VIP) Mecha-Kairocat

Unlocked by Future area max, and having a Pet Shop Monthly Sales 350G

Satisfy by getting your Sauna to Quality 200.


There are 8 VIPs in the game, each will require you to do a bit of work to unlock them.

The first part of each VIP will require you to unlock MAX in each transport area. For Future and Alt. World, you will need to scroll down a bit if you cannot see them.

  • Residential area will unlock Highway Penguinator, who will eventually need a Aquarium with 350G in sales a month.
  • Shopping area will unlock Draggi Jr., who will eventually need a Baseball Emporium with 350G in sales a month.
  • Office area will unlock Princess Ham, who will eventually need a Butcher with 350G in sales a month.
  • Apartments area will unlock Zoe Seede, who will eventually need a Japanese Fd with 350G in sales a month.
  • Desert Inn area will unlock King Ackbar, who will eventually need a Golden Camel with 20 hearts in a month.
  • Spaceship area will unlock Dr. Mochipon, who will eventually need a Drugstore with 400G in sales a month.
  • Future area will unlock Mecha-Kairocat, who will eventually need a Petshop with 350G in sales a month.
  • Alt. World area will unlock Teddy DeMann, who will eventually need a Planetarium with 20+ hearts in a month.

Other achievements

The rest of the achievements are fairly self-explanatory.

  • The department store that towers everywhere.
  • Proof of running a department store for many years.
  • This will take a significant amount of time, but just keep playing.
  • Department store that builds with everyone.
  • Proof of 200 requests completed.
  • Just keep satisfying requests. Most are for building and upgrading stores.
  • 5 stars that recognize by the universe.
  • Proof of becoming the highest ranked department store.
  • This is pretty easy as you unlock more stores and satisfy requests.
  • A place where people gather.
  • Proof of finding 50 customers.
  • Keep searching new areas until you hit max and move on.
  • Wonderful floor with matching theme.
  • Proof of making the first combo.
  • You can buy up to 3 combos from Pumpkin yearly.
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