Mega Man 11 Guide: All Robot Master and Boss Weakness

One of the most iconic games of all time has returned. Mega Man 11 is the newest franchise of Mega Man games for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Mega Man 11 was as challenging as the previous games, you have to kill all the opponents ahead, dash, escape, and defeat the bosses of each level.

As usual, each robot masters in Mega Man 11 have their own weaknesses. So, we have to take advantage of this weaknesses to beat down their asses and give us their attack moves to take down another boss ahead.

All Bosses and Their Weaknesses

Without further ado, we will be listing down all the robot bosses and their weaknesses.

  • Acid Man weak against Block Man‘s Block Dropper
  • Impact Man weak against Acid Man‘s Acid Barrier
  • Bounce Man weak against Impact Man‘s Pile Driver
  • Fuse Man weak against Bounce Man‘s Bounce Ball
  • Tundra Man weak against Fuse Man‘s Scramble Thunder
  • Torch Man weak against Tundra Man‘s Tundra Storm
  • Blast Man weak against Torch Man‘ Blazing Torch
  • Block Man weak against Blast Man‘s Chain Blast

In addition, we would like to emphasize that each weakness can be upgraded even more by using the correct Power Gear that connects the power. And also, you are free to do the beating in any order, but we recommend the list above as it is the easier and wiser way.

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