memories Achievement Walkthrough Guide

This guide will aid in acquiring 100% story and achievement completion for memories.


memories is an emotional visual novel about relationships, forbidden love, and grief; it also reflects on the value and sentimentality we grant inanimate objects. With prompts & suggestions from your stuffed bunny, each day you select a new/different outfit (attire + 1 accessory) that triggers specific bittersweet memories about your failed relationship.

EST Playtime for 1 Playthrough: 30 minutes

Achievements Available: 7

EST Playtime for 100% Achievement Completion: 30 minutes

Story Related Achievements

The achievements in memories are story-based and unmissable, but this guide will help you select the correct outfits for each day.

Quick FAQ

  • Dialogue choices do not matter or effect the outcome of the story.
  • The text cannot be skipped, hastened, or set to auto progression.
  • There is no “save” feature; you must complete the story in 1 session.

Other Achievements

The day we met

Instructions: Wear something bubbly, colorful, and adorable.

Outfit: Select option 2 available in your closet (yellow/green dress with a teddy bear on it), and the pinkish bow/ribbon from your accessories.

Do you like me too?

Instructions: Wear something flowery.

Outfit: Of your remaining options available, select the 4th option in your closet (a flowery dress) and the flower bracelet from your accessories.

It’s long enough for both of us

Instructions: Wear something wintery.

Outfit: Of your remaining options available, select the 3rd option in your closet (a pink/brown winter coat) and the pinkish scarf from your accessories.

A promise

Instructions: Wear something dark.

Outfit: Of your remaining options available, select the 2nd option in your closet (a black dress) and the heart ring from your accessories.

I trust you

Instructions: Wear something white & elegant.

Outfit: Of your remaining options available, select the 1st option in your closet (a white dress) and the pearl earrings from your accessories.

Last goodbye

Instructions: Wear the only remaining outfit in your closet.

Outfit: Select the blue sweatshirt in your closet.

Missed call

Instructions: There is no outfit to select. Simply wait for the leaves to fall and your cellphone to appear on the screen. Click the red “end call” button to complete the game.

NOTE: The game will exit/close after clicking the “end call” button. This is the ending of the story, and it is not a bug.

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