Metro: Last Light Redux

Metro: Last Light Redux Good Ending Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can get a good ending in Metro: Last Light Redux. There are two endings that you can get in Metro: Last Light Redux. One is the bad ending and the other is the good ending.

Before we start, please note that this guide contains spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

Metro: Last Light Redux Good Ending Guide

  1. When Han wakes us up and finishes the chatter, we have to play the guitar on the way out of the room.
  2. At the exit on the left, 2 soldiers will speak, we must fully listen to their conversation.
  3. In the chapter “Ashes”, we must turn around at the very beginning and go to the end of the monorail.
  4. At the stairs to the surface, we go straight to the end, then turn to the left, we get a flash. You can also pick up the note (optional).
  5.  When you are taken prisoner by the Germans, Where you get acquainted with Paul, set yourself the task “Not to Kill anyone, only to Stun”.
  6. At the same level, save all the Prisoners(the button on the remote control at the end of the level).
  7. In no case, do not kill those who surrendered! This will lead to a bad ending anyway!
  8. In the chapter “Camp”, listen to the conversation of 2 soldiers that they say one took a gun from one Ranger.
  9. For the entire game, you should not kill people!
  10. When you arrive at the theater station, listen to the conversation of the Refugees. A young couple is also sitting nearby. Listen to them. in the passage to the bar sits a man give him a cartridge, a little later another one.
  11. Still, all who will ask for ammo, give me ammo!
  12. Then, at the Theater, the man will show the children the animals, we look through to the end.
  13. In the same place in the theater, we watch the performance.
  14. Save a woman on a train where 2 men are accosting her.
  15. Important! Listen to everyone’s dialogues! Until the end!
  16. More! Important! Save everyone!
  17. In the chapter “Venice”, Go to the shooting range and shoot the rats until you get a Bear. Then take the Bear to the Boy At the same station.
  18. In the chapter” Khan”, answer the Call.
  19. In the chapter” Depot ” Stun Lestnitsky, In no case do not kill! Same with Paul, give him a filter.
  20. When the Bear runs away, We will approach her, And see that the Ghouls finish her off, we naturally kill them, the Bear leaves. And that’s where the good deeds end.

And that’s it. Following this guide will guarantee that you will be getting a good ending in Metro: Last Light Redux.

Guide by MTF.