Monster Hunter: World Guide: Where to Find Coral Crystal and Coral Bone in the Coral Highlands

All items in Monster Hunter World are important. In fact, they are connected with each other since they are used in crafting tools, armors and powerful weapons. But some of these items are difficult to find and only shows up when you managed to complete a mission.

Two of the items that require a mission completion are Coral Crystal and Coral Bone. If you’re struggling with finding this two items, here’s a guide that will help you find Coral Crystal and Coral Bone.

Where to Find Coral Crystal in the Coral Highlands?

In Monster Hunter World, Coral Crystal can be obtained by mining points in the Coral Highlands. But unlike the other items, players are only allowed to mine once they complete the “One for the History Books” mission. Once complete, players can now mine the Coral Crystal.

So far, the best place to obtain Coral Crystal is between the border of Area 10 and 11 on the Coral Highlands. Looking at the northwest of the Northeastern Camp, you’ll see an area where you can mine and gather. In addition, Area 20 also yield some good amount of Coral Crystal.

Where to Find Coral Bone in the Coral Highlands?

Unlike the Coral Crystal, finding Coral Bone will require some effort. In order to find one, a player needs to be attentive and look for bone piles scattered throughout the Coral Highlands.

There are lots of respawning bone piles in Coral Highlands, but so far, the best place to gather Coral Bone is in Area 2 where it has three spots close to each other. To get there, walk the path through Area 2 from south to north, then head east at the fork. The first two spots are located on the right side and the third is located on the left.

Bonus Tip:

After you already collected all the resources on the locations, it will replenish on their own over time. Fortunately, there’s a trick to replenish it faster than normal. First, you have to left the area then go right back again. In addition, these mining spots and bone piles will be marked on the map once you visited them. Tracking them on the map will be a lot easier.

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