Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Cracked by Infamous Warez Group

Considering that Denuvo is one of the most secure video game DRM protection right now, it seems that video game hackers were still able to exploit the system. Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World is one of these video games using this protection. While they are continuously working to improve the security of their games, video game hackers can still bypass their protection.

Previously, the infamous warez group known as CODEX released the Monster Hunter: World crack for Windows PC. CODEX spent more than 100 days releasing the crack since the launch of Monster Hunter: World. Later on, Capcom released the first expansion for the game and fans are wondering if there’s already a crack for it.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Crack

Just like what happened for Monster Hunter: World crack, it also takes several months for video game hackers to crack the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. According to a website tracking video game cracks, the infamous warez group known as Paradox has successfully cracked Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for Windows PC. Unlike CODEX, Paradox spent almost 200 days to crack the expansion.

It’s not surprising to see Team Paradox working on Denuvo games. In case you’re not aware, Paradox is one of the groups who crack Windows Vista and also published copies of unauthorized video games for PlayStation 3. Parados is also popular for developing software called Preee, which automates the creation of NFO files which are usually found on warez files.