Monstrum Achievement List and Guide for Xbox One

Developer Team Junkfish has released the official Monstrum achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In Monstrum, players will be collecting 16 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore. 10 out of 16 achievements are secret, which we also listed and revealed below. Check out the full Monstrum achievements for Xbox One.

Monstrum Achivements

Charlie's Devils (Secret)Get killed by all 3 monsters (Secret)20
Aim Away From Face (Secret)Stun a monster with the fire extinguisher (Secret)20
I Love It When A Plan Comes Together (Secret)Gain access to a barricaded room (Secret)150
Bait 'N' Switch (Secret)Trigger a Hunter trap with an item (Secret)30
Got To ItEscape via helicopter50
The Most Dangerous GameWin the game against the Hunter50
Women and Children FirstEscape via the life raft50
Let There Be Light (Secret)Power 2 additional areas in one playthrough (Secret)30
Steam Won't Connect (Secret)Activate the main steam valve (Secret)150
I Don't Know What I Expected (Secret)Hit the Brute with a flare (Secret)30
Child Of The 90s (Secret)Have 6 glowsticks at once. (Secret)50
A Sequence Of Unfortunate Events (Secret)Get killed by a monster after falling on a pit trap (Secret)20
Now Think About What You've Done (Secret)Lock a monster in a power-locked room. (Secret)200
The Hunt for Me is OverEscape via the sub.50
Well DoneWin the game against the Brute.50
FiendzonedWin the game against the Fiend.50

By Earl Stewart

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