Move or Die Achievement Guide and Hints

This guide will describe the most efficient ways to get achievements using primarily the level editor. Some achievements will require you to play online and are easiest with three friends to help, but others can come naturally if you enjoy the game and keep playing!

Online Only Achievements

Show Off

This achievement must be done in an online lobby. The easiest way is to bring three friends, set the game to one minute, have everyone stand still, and the achievement will unlock.

Start Already!

You just need to be in an online lobby. Sit in a lobby with a friend and spam the button, or use an auto clicker. This achievement may take some time to unlock, so don’t panic if it doesn’t happen immediately.


While the achievement itself can be done in local play against bots, you need to earn 530 coins to afford the skin called Ronny. You can earn coins by playing online, so save up all your coins for this.

Local or Online

Mutator Wheel

It seems that mutators are selected every five or so rounds. Make the game mode long enough so that you can pick two mutators. AI bots don’t pick mutators, so you are guaranteed to be selected. This one often occurs naturally in regular play.

Last Call

To win during sudden death, you need a game mode that goes into sudden death, such as Static Bounce. This will be easier with at least one other friend who can help you throw the match.

Stay alive until the timer runs out and create at least one static ball. When the timer runs out, have your friend run into the ball and die.


I achieved this by having the player on the left with the most points, then the next player to the right having slightly fewer, and so on, creating a visual stairway with the scores at the end of the game. I believe you need to have four players or AI for this to work.

This can occur naturally, but if you’re on the left, you’ll want to win everything, and if you’re on the right, lose everything. It’s the people in the middle who will need to fine-tune their performance as needed to stay in the right order.

King of the Hat

I couldn’t get this achievement to count up in Level Editor, likely because there is no timer. It’s best to do this with friends because you can grab the hat and have them stay alive but away from you until the end of the round. You will need to play about four rounds of Hat Chase (depending on hat spawn) to achieve this.

That Covers It

It’s recommended to do this in local play because you have access to every game mode. Make a list and double-check as you play because there are a lot of modes! You do not need to win to achieve this.

So That Happened

This is probably the easiest achievement in the game. Make a one-minute game against bots, stand still, and profit.

Level Editor Getting Started / Easy Stuff

Good news, all the remaining achievements can be done in the editor!

To open the editor, when you first run the game, it should ask you if you want the game or the editor. If you don’t see this option because you have chosen to remember your choice, here’s how to find it:

Right-click on Move or Die and select Properties.

To see the option again, select ‘Ask when starting the game’ under Launch Options.

Self Explanatory Stuff

Most achievements are self-explanatory and can be done in your own created levels. It’s just a bit of grind and timing. Some modes let you come back to life infinitely, making it even easier to keep climbing or building, etc.

Some achievements will not update or pop immediately, so don’t panic. Usually, they would pop for me later when achieving something else or when I would open and close the game again. Try to keep count when doing the grindy ones or keep going until you think you must have got it and then achieve something else to trigger it.

For levels with specific floors or mechanics, you will need to load an official level into the editor. Instead of starting a new level, just choose ‘Load’ and then ‘Official Levels’.

Ones that need this are:

  • Clean-up Crew
  • Fizzle Floor
  • God Gun
  • Shifty Ground

Color Craze is a good idea to do in an official level, but you can also create color tiles in a brand new level.

Level Editor Specific Set-Ups – Boss Fight


Repeat until you’re the boss.

You’re the Boss

Repeat until green is the boss.

Boss Killer

You can continue using the “You’re the Boss” set-up or just play 10 with everyone in the open new level.

Level Editor Specific Set-Ups – Falling Blocks

It’s Raining Death

By hiding this far down, the blocks cannot hit you or the AI. You could also just put a healing block underneath you and chill for 25 seconds.

That Guy

Just open the wall between you and the AI and push them all. You could probably do them both in the same round.

Level Editor Specific Set-Ups – Heavy Bullets

That’s Pretty Amazing

Use teleporters to shoot yourself. Remember to go under Action menu to wire the teleporter together or they won’t do anything.

Heaviest of Bullets

Just keep shooting, take a little bit.

Level Editor Specific Set-Ups – Rocket Run


Much easier than doing it for real. Just wait until the rocket it targeting you.

Watch Out

Do it 29 more times XD

Level Editor Specific Set-Ups – Speed Run

Almost There

Such a grind!

  • Make a map that is extremely long to the left or right
  • Place a speed run goal at one end and your character at the other
  • Move the AI up or down out of the way
  • Turn on the MOOOOVE mutator.
  • Test and hit the left or right button to move towards the goal and wait
  • Repeat

Something like this but obviously longer.

The achievement counter doesn’t always update, so I recommend checking your stats, do the level once and close the game. Check how many steps you got, then do the math of how many times you’ll need to repeat the process.

You can also use teleporters to get additional steps instead and then jump into a goal.

Sometimes we found that the steps we not being counted, so be sure to check occassionally.

Easier Said Than Done

You’ll get this by doing the achievement above!

Level Editor Specific Set-Ups – Spike Ball


Turn on the mutator Double Jump to make this easier. Make sure the spike ball is actually in motion. Having a spawn point slightly higher than the spike ball should help too.

Bouncy Ball

Spike ball go brrrr.

Level Editor Specific Set-Ups – Sugar Rush

Never Mind Sharing

Should work but I got this in online play – let me know if it doesn’t work.


The setup above should also get you this achievement.

Sweet Tooth

You can just repeat this 49 more times, but I would recommend releasing the AI and playing normally to get more candy per game. Just make sure you have a minimum of two candy spawners or the game mode won’t work.

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