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My Hero Academia Chapter 284 Release Date, Spoilers: Deku vs Shigaraki

My Hero Academia Chapter 284 will be releasing soon, and before it officially rolls out, we’re here to give you all the details that we know about it. The previous Chapter 284 has been officially released on September 6th and while things are getting more intense, it seems that the manga is taking a one-week break.

According to reports, the upcoming Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 284 will be put in hiatus for one week, which means that it will be released in the 4th week of this month. That being said, expect to read the 284th chapter of Boku no Hero Academia on September 20, 2020.

There have been lots of events that happened in the previous chapter of My Hero Academia. First, we have seen how Eraserhead suffers from the pain because he cuts his legs off after being hit by a Quirk-destroying bullet. With their current situation, he can’t afford to lose his Quirk, or else, they will all be destroyed by Shigaraki, who have already obtained the All for One Quirk.

My Hero Academia Chapter 284

Chapter 283 also sees how Gigantomachia is already causing some troubles on his path. Many manga fans are asking what happened to the other students who tried to stop Gigantomachia, it turns out that they are now safe.

Meanwhile, the last chapter also sees Todoroki finally joining the fight against the main villain of the Boku no Hero Academia manga series. According to Todoroki’s conversation with his father, he was late because he was helping Ryuku’s team.

The last few spreads of the chapter highlight how Midoriya finally acquired one of the few powers of One for All Quirk. This time, Midoriya showcased Nana Shimura’s ability to float. Just before the chapter ends, Midoriya was seen carrying his comrades while being ready to attack Shigaraki.

Will he be able to defeat Shigaraki while holding the other heroes? Let’s find how things unfold once the next chapter of Boku no Hero Academia releases.

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