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My Hero Academia Manga Sees All for One’s Successful Prison Break

Boku no Hero Academia just showed off the successful prison break of All for One in the newest chapter of the manga series. The end of the war between the villains and heroes in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc set up another threat in the manga.

In the latest My Hero Academia Chapter 298, author Kohei Horikoshi has revealed some of the few details of Shigaraki’s action to help his master escape. In the previous chapters, manga fans witnessed how Shigaraki escaped the war and immediately proceed to attack Tartarus.

Shigaraki’s main mission for invading Tartarus was to help All for One from escaping the most secured prison in the country. With the help of the remaining Nomu’s, Shigaraki managed to infiltrate the prison. At the same time, this incident also freed some of the most notorious villains in the history of My Hero Academia manga series.

Chapter 298 sees Shigaraki reuniting with his subordinates including Spinner and Dabi. During their conversation, Spinner immediately noticed that he’s not talking with the real Shigaraki.

My Hero Academia Chapter 298
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Instead of getting the answer to his question, Spinner received a different answer from Shigaraki. Judging Shigaraki’s answer, it seems that All for One has taken over his body and told Spinner that Shigaraki’s body will be put at rest until it becomes perfect. At the same time, the voice comes from Shigaraki’s mouth ask them to watch him over while he sleeps.

The manga has been soaring the charts since the start of the Paranormal Liberation War. With the new setup that has been seen in this chapter, many fans are wondering what could be the future of the heroes now that All for One has been freed.

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