My Hero Academia Season 4

My Hero Academia Season 4 Sees Kirishima’s Power Upgrade

My Hero Academia Episode 68 is now live and fans are all hyped with the power-up of Eijiro Kirishima, also known as Red Riot.

The fifth episode of the My Hero Academia Season 4 features Red Riot along with Tamaki and Fat Gum. The three heroes are patrolling the area when they encountered some robbers trying to flee from the officers.

Tamaki and Fat Gum stopped the criminals but the brother of the captured criminal in the crowd shoots Tamaki with a mysterious drug that temporarily nullifies his Quirk. The criminal tried to shoot him again but Red Riot deflects his attack using his hardened skin.

My Hero Academia Season 4
Street Thug

The criminal tried to escape but Red Riot chased and cornered him. The unnamed criminal injects himself with another mysterious drug that boosts the users’ quirk. With the boosted quirk of the enemy, Kirishima sees himself in a bad situation. However, our hero is not running away makes a resolve that increased his will power and his quirk.

The Blade Villain attacked Red Riot using all of his power but Kirishima managed to deflect it using his upgraded quirk Red Riot Unbreakable. Red Riot countered attack which makes the enemy fall to the ground.

People who witnessed the fight admired Red Riot. In fact, he along with Tamaki and Fat Gum were featured in the news the next day.

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