Deku vs Muscular Rematch

My Hero Academia Teases Deku vs Muscular Rematch

Author Kohei Horikoshi has just dropped the newest Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 307 and fans are now excited to see the continuation of the manga series. Well, we can’t actually argue why manga fans are hyped to read the next chapter as the latest manga chapter teases a rematch fight between Deku and Muscular.

As we all know, Deku has already defeated Muscular in the previous chapters of My Hero Academia. If I remember it well, the fight between these two strong My Hero Academia characters happened in Chapter 74 to 76, while on the anime, it was featured in Episode 4 of My Hero Academia Season 3.

While Deku put an end to Muscular’s evil deeds, it seems that there will be a rematch fight between them. Following the prison break that happened in the past few chapters of My Hero Academia, Muscular is back in the manga series to bring some more threat to the heroes.

Muscular is one of the villains that escaped from Tartarus during the All for One’s prison break. After the escape, the villains have started to cause more problems in the city.

Now, the latest My Hero Academia Chapter 307 teases the return of Muscular after he was seen attacking Shindo. Knowing that the civilians still haven’t evacuated, Shindo decided to take on Muscular but he was being overpowered by the villain.

Muscular is about to end his life but Deku arrived and rescued Shindo. Deku speaks after saving Shindo. Later, we got to see Muscular being excited upon hearing a familiar voice.

My Hero Academia Chapter 307
Deku saves Shindo / My Hero Academia Chapter 307

Knowing the progression of Deku in the past few years, it’s not surprising to see another epic action for this rematch. Who do you think will win this time? Will Deku still be able to stop Muscular?

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