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My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 78 Release Date, Chapter 77 Recap

My Hero Academia Vigilantes manga is getting more interesting as Koichi continues his training. With the help of his friends, he managed to show us more of his power. While on his training, the enemies in the city seem to start moving. In the upcoming My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 78, we will be seeing more of Koichi’s training and their search for Queen Pop’s location. Will they be able to stop Pop in her next move?

In this manga guide, we will be telling you every detail that we know about the upcoming chapter. In addition, you will also discover the release date of chapter 78, as well as the ways to read it online.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 77 Recap

Koichi is still doing his training under Soga and his friends. During their training, Soga asked Koichi to show and improve his skills. One of them is Koichi’s sniping ability where the protagonist shows his super move, Shooty-Go-Kablam.

However, Koichi seems to be having a problem as Koichi failed to hit the target with human form but getting a bull’s eye with the round target. Koichi didn’t understand why he misses but Soga suggests that he missed because Koichi doesn’t want to hit people. This leads to Soga reaccess the strategy against Kazuho and told that Koichi should use his martial arts and mobility to stop her.

The next day, Soga was seen watching and analyzing the Queen’s move and attacks. Meanwhile, Soga takes a rest and Moyuru takes over. While Moyuro was watching her videos, he told Soga that it looks like he was just playing but Soga said that she could be suffering.

Koichi stepped in and said that he will be talking to her. He believes that Kazuho will listen but Moyuro and Rapt doubted him. Later on, Soga told them that they should rest as he puts a new strategy in the next day.

Meanwhile, in an apartment, Kazuho has been spotted with a bloodied mind. She was seen crawling towards the window with a view of the city. Judging her expression, it seems that she has a plan as she started crying while saying that Koichi will never forget about her.

The sun has risen and the police have gathered some Pro Heroes for a new mission. Their mission was to patrol and protect the streets of Naruhata after being attacked last week. Among these heroes, Number 6 has been undercover with a Pro Hero name as Rock who was partnered with Pro hero Compass Kid. During their patrol, Compass Kid talked with Rock about how important to him to give the city peace of mind. Rock agrees while adding that they are not just there to as crime prevention but also a frontline in case Queen Pop attack again, something that Rock is sure is going to happen that day.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 78 Release Date

Hideyuki Furuhash’s My Hero Academia Vigilantes has been releasing two new chapters every month. Now that one of the chapters has been released last week, we’re about to get the second chapter for the month of May.

Join Koichi and his friends on their training in My Hero Academia Chapter 78 on Friday, May 22nd. In case you don’t see the new chapter, we recommend checking out the manga’s official media channels for any announcement.

Read My Hero Academia Vigilantes Online

You can read My Hero Academia Vigilantes online from the official distributors such as Viz Media and Manga Plus by Shueisha. Due to the popularity of My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi, My Hero Academia Vigilantes quickly gained a lot of attention from the community.

This reason is enough for some unauthorized website to distribute the manga series. We highly recommend reading the new manga chapter from the mentioned sources to help and support the manga industry in Japan.

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