My Time at Sandrock Chef’s Cooking Station: How to Unlock and Obtain

As you progress through the game, you will soon be needing more nutritious food. These kinds of food can be cooked using the Chef’s Cooking Station. If you’re wondering how to get yourself a Chef’s Cooking Station, this guide will give you the detailed steps on how to build one.

How to Get Chef’s Cooking Station

Similar to the Apprentice Cooking Station, you need to collect several materials to craft the Chef’s Cooking Station. But first, you need to visit Qi at the Research Center and give him 16 Data Discs in exchange for the blueprint.

Note that it will take 4 days before you receive the Chef’s Cooking Station blueprint. So while waiting for the blueprint, find the following materials that are needed to create the station:

  • x1 Frying Pan
  • x2 Hardwood Planks
  • x2 Steel Frame
  • x2 Copper Pot
  • x3 Bloodstone Core

Assuming that you already received the blueprint and collected the needed materials, the next and final thing that you need to do is craft the Chef’s Cooking Station at the Assembly Station. Keep in mind that you need the Level 2 Assembly Station, also known as Intermediate Assembly Station.

In case you haven’t upgraded your Assembly Station just yet, you need to spend 1,500 Gols and 5x Steel Bar, x10 Bronze Plate, and x5 Microchip. Upgrade the Assembly Station to Level 2 at the Construction Junction.

Now that you already have the Chef’s Cooking Station, it’s time for you to showcase your cooking skills. For the list of recipes, check out our Chef’s Cooking Station Recipe guide.