NASCAR 21: Ignition PC Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

NASCAR 21: Ignition is a racing video game developed and published by Motorsport Games. If you’re planning to race and compete with the other players, here are the default NASCAR 21: Ignition controls to help you get started.

NASCAR 21: Ignition Controls

MenuEsc or P
Gear DownQ
Gear UpE
Turn LeftA
Turn RightD
Pit Options / Restart QualifyingX
Select ChoicesLeft or Right Arrow
Nascar 21: Ignition Keyboard Controls
Change CameraRB
SteeringLeft Stick
Shift UpY
Shift DownB
Open/Close Pit MenuX
Pit Option UsageDirectional Pad
360 CameraRight Stick
PauseMenu Button
HomeXbox Button
Nascar 21: Ignition Gamepad Controls

You can also refer to the in-game screenshots below:

NASCAR 21: Ignition Controls

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