NEO The World Ends with You – All Missable Pins and Events

This guide documents the few pins and events that are missable when going through the game the first time. Nothing is truly missable in this game so if you’re not in the post-game yet, feel free to come back when you are so you can enjoy the game without obsessing over the choices you make.


Week 1, Day 5

  • Remove all the Deep River Society members before changing your fate.
  • Get the password correct (“The river”, “flows” then “swift and clear”) when asked for it at Scramble Crossing (during replay).


Week 2, Day 3
  • When given the option to go to Shibuya Hikarie or 104, go to 104.
  • When given the option to split teams, choose to split.
  • After claiming all the white areas, take down the Purehearts first.
Week 2, Day 4
  • Solve all the reaper puzzles at Center Street.
Week 2, Day 5
  • At 104, clear both reaper objectives.


Week 3, Day 2
  • At Tower Records, clear the reaper objective blocking the path to Scramble Crossing.
  • Choose all of the correct responses for Shoka the first time before changing your fate.
    At 10:00, choose 1, 2, 3 then 1.
    At 11:00, choose 2, 3, 2 then 1.
    At 12:00, choose 1, 1, 2 then 3.
    At 13:00, choose 1, 2, 1, and 2.
    Before Miyashita Park, choose 1, 2, 2 then 1.
    The Dibaryon will be received right before the fight at Miyashita Park.

Remind Image

Week 1, Day 5
  • Get the password incorrect (by not following the sequence “The river”, “flows” then “swift and clear”) when asked for it at Scramble Crossing (during replay).
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