Nephise Begins Achievements Walkthrough

This guide is created to quickly get the five achievements in the game Nephise Begins. Everyone who is not lazy will read it and zalutavat free, the more fast!

I went through the game myself personally, without guides, picking up all the achievements in an hour!

There are manuals that don’t fully show what and where it should be, so I thought I’d supplement!

Overview of achievements

The map consists of a circular forest area with a house in the center, which divides the map into 2 parts. Each of the two parts contains two main orientation points: a fallen tree and stumps, as well as two massive mountains

There are a total of 14 collectibles (4 skulls and 10 red mushrooms) that are equally distributed between the two sides. Collecting all 4 skulls is mandatory to complete the game, while the mushrooms are optional and are only needed for the achievements


Turn the mini statue 4 times

There is a statue in the house, turn it 4 times and the achievement is yours!


Find the hidden N

The achievement is easy to complete, but there’s a note I’ll show you later on.

Here’s the itinerary:

And here’s a footnote:

next to the fox, there are 2 vases, later I will tell you how they should stand so that the fox leaves. The far vase has this N, but it doesn’t activate the achievement!


Collect all 10 mushrooms

Just look at the screens and navigate through them.











Skull 4/4

It takes four skulls to pass the fox.

1/4 Go to the hill in front of the house until you find a tower. Inside the tower you will find the first skull.


If you look up the hill near the stump, you will see a second skull.


From the site of the fallen tree, move uphill in the direction the tree is pointing.


Go back to the fallen tree; in the upward direction, turn 90 degrees counterclockwise and start moving in that direction. After passing a few trees, you will find a skull on the ground to your right.

Once you collect all the skulls to pass the fox, you need to combine the skulls with the vases that stand near it, so that you do not agonize long, I made screenshots of how they should stand:

first vase:

second vase:

Afterwards, a sound will be activated that will chase the fox away and you will boldly enter the cave!

Harpy down!

Harpy down!To get the achievement, you need to go through a harpy

But first you have to get into the cave by clicking on all 5 slabs next to the rubble pile

And so it begins…

And so it begins…

And the last achievement is the easiest, after killing the Harpy, just wait for the stairs to appear, go to the top and wait for the end of the credits, well, all the achievements are yours!

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