Cowboy Bebop Live-Action Series

Netflix Announced Cowboy Bebop Live-Action Series

Cowboy Bebop live-action series is currently in production, Netflix announced. The series was based on the 90’s hit anime Cowboy Bebop.

According to the announcement, Cowboy Bebop live-action will have a total of 10 episodes starting with Christopher Yost as the writer of the first episode. Apart from Cowboy Bebop, Yost is also known for writing the hit movie Thor: Ragnarok.

Back in 2000’s, rumors about the production of Cowboy Bebop live-action surfaced and Keanu Reeves was supposed to be playing the protagonist. However, the production did not happen.

If you’re curious who will be playing as Spike Spiegel, we still have no idea. As of writing, the information about the release date, casts, and other important details for the upcoming Cowboy Bebop live-action series are still unknown.

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