New Haikyu!! Anime Series Announced At Jump Festa 2019

During the Jump Festa 2019 held in Japan, Toho Animation has announced that a new Haikyu!! anime series is in production.

Haikyu!! is one of the best sports anime series out there and it’s been a while since we got the last release of the anime. Many fans are wondering if there will be a new series and fortunately, Jump Festa 2019 brought us some good news.

While the new Haikyu!! series announcement does not confirm if it is a continuation of the last season, a post on Reddit firmly believes that the upcoming series is Haikyu!! Season 4. But again, nothing has been confirmed yet. And whatever the case is, it still a piece of great news that there will be a new series that is coming.

New Haikyu!! Series Key Visual

Along with the announcement is the key visual of the upcoming series and a short video compilation of the previous seasons. So, I guess the upcoming new series is (really) Haikyu!! Season 4.

As for the air date of the new series, unfortunately, nothing is mentioned right now.

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