NFS Unbound – How to Easily Lose the Police Chase

In Need for Speed Unbound, players will encounter situations where they must avoid being arrested by the police. To do this, it is important to have a fast and powerful vehicle, ideally one with an S or S+ level of performance. These vehicles may be difficult to obtain at the beginning of the game, but they are worth the effort as they will help players evade the police more easily.

Another factor to consider when trying to lose the police is the off-road capabilities of the vehicle. All-terrain vehicles are particularly useful in this regard, as they can navigate off-road terrain more easily than the police cars can. This allows players to maintain a consistent speed and distance from the pursuing police, making it more difficult for them to catch up.

Players should also be aware of the in-game icons that indicate the presence of the police. These icons show two lines, one of which is red or blue to indicate whether the police are pursuing the player or not. By avoiding the police, players can save the money they have earned during the game and avoid being arrested and losing progress.

Overall, knowing how to lose the police in Need for Speed Unbound is crucial for successful gameplay and for maximizing the enjoyment of the game. By using fast, powerful vehicles and taking advantage of off-road terrain, players can evade the police and continue enjoying the game without interruption.

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