Night of the Full Moon – Complete Dialogue Choices Guide

A reference to know what to expect when you choice each dialogue.


Dilaogue Choices are avalaible only on Normal Mode after you defeat an enemy, even then sometimes the enemies who can talk might not do it.

A choice of two or three answers is given with varios outcomes letting you to know better the enemies and earn (or lose) CourageReputation or even Gold.

  • Courage must be greater than (or equal to) Reputation to be able to face the Werewolf boss. Also at Courage 4 and 8 you get a boost in max HP.
  • If Reputation is higher, the only final boss possible to face will be the Witch who is unlocked for eating her apples. Also at Reputation 4 you get +15 gold.
  • If both conditions are fulfilled (Reputation isn’t higher, eaten the apples) this also unlocks the Priest and Mystery Men bosses.

Each chapter will have three dialogue choices, choices made in the past will be shown with a visual hint.

  • Sword for Courage.
  • Crown for Reputation.

All new entries or pointing out mistakes are welcome in the comments.

Chapter 1


“Do you have to go? I…I’m worried for your safety.”

  • Comfort and thank him. (Reputation +2) – “Yes. you’re welcome. I… I’m very happy…”
  • Promise him that you will protect yourself. (Courage +2)
    • “It’s a deal between us. You must come back safely!”
  • Ignore him. (Nothing)


“Out of the way. This is high-quality pork for the church!”

  • High-quality pork? (Courage +1)
    • “That’s right. I spent a lot of effort hunting this wild boar. Look at this meat. It’s fatty but not oily!”
  • For the church? (Reputation +1)
    • “That’s right. How can a noble priests and popes eat the same food as ordinary people?”
  • Make way. (Courage -1)

Crazy Apothecary

“Do you want to try some fresh juice? It will give you a wonderful feeling!”

  • Try it. (Courage +1, HP -5)
  • Refuse. (Reputation +1, Courage -1)
  • <Apothecary only> Decipher formula. (Courage +1, Max Mana +1)


“Bring booze! I…I’m not drunk… You’re drunk!”

  • Chat with him (Courage +1)
  • Pay for him (Reputation +1, Coin -2)


“I don’t know why I was taken away. Can you help me find my way home?”

  • Help him. (Reputation +2)
  • Report him. (Reputation -1, Gold +10)
  • Follow him. (Options)
    • “This fugitive got lost and got caught again. Are you willing to help him?”
      • Help. (Courage +2, Health -1)
      • Watch. (Courage -1)


“Who can be sure that what we’re experiencing now is not a dream?”

  • How do you wake up? (Gold -2)
  • Who is the dreamer? (Reputation +2)
  • Ignore him. (Courage +2) << this should be chosen if you want to fight a boss other than the Witch.


“Jerry’s gone missing too. Come home with me. I’ll help you search for grandma in the morning.”

  • Ask about the carpenter. (+1 Reputation)
  • Tactful refusal. (-1 courage)

Magic Apprentice

“Darn! Why won’t the spell I just learned work?”

  • Talk with her. (Reputation +1)
  • Ask about magic. (Mana +1)
  • Laugh at her. (Courage +1)

Mech Magician

“I’m the greatest magician!”

  • Sincere praise. (+1 Reputation)
  • Disdain. (+1 Courage, -1 Reputation)
  • <Magician only> Magic Competition (Reputation +2, Gold +10)

Patient Spider

“Please… help me. I’m stuck to my own web..”

  • Help it. (Health -1 or -2, get Spider Web card)
  • Walk off. (Courage +1). Text: It rolls itself upright on its web and patiently waits for new prey.


“I see hope in your eyes.”

  • Ask about Grandma. (Reputation +1)
    • I saw her heading for the Black Forest. What was she thinking?!
  • Ask for help. (Upgrade a Card)
    • I’m sorry. I have to stay and patrol the village. But I can teach you some moves.


“The priest is selfless, kind and great!”

  • Ask about Grandmother’s whereabouts. (Reputation +1)
  • Ask about the priest’s past. (Reputation -1)
  • Ask about his past. (Courage +1).
    • Text: “I’ll only say this… No! I have sinned. Yes, I have sinned!
    • Audio “I’m guilty right? I’m guilty!”

Village Guard

“You are more stubborn than me. You really think it’s a good idea to go out on a full moon night?”

  • <Lady Knight only> Reluctantly. (Reputation +1, Round Shield x1)
  • Ignore him. (Courage -1)
  • Ask him. (Courage +1)
    • “Why on earth would your grandma go out into the Black Forest? Could it be… the werewolf?”

Chapter 2

Castle Heroes

“We were humans once. Can you help us and give this letter to our family?”

  • Help them. (Health -2)
  • Refuse them. (Courage +1)

Charm Sprite

“Do you know why the Black Forest are so restless tonight?”

  • Because of the curse. (Reputation +2)
  • Because of the full moon. (Reputation -1, Courage -1)
  • Because of magic. (Courage +2)

Fallen Priest

“Faith strengthens resolve. What do you think is most important?”

  • Courage (Courage +1, Reputation -1)
  • Empathy (Reputation +1, Courage -1)
  • <Nun only> Love (Get Confession card)


“I can see the future, but I cannot change it.”

  • Peek at the crystal ball. (Reputation +1)
    • You glimpse the shadow of the witch’s hat.
  • Ask about Grandma. (Courage +1)
  • The future of the forest.

Magic Mirror

“Thanks to that nasty Snow White, no one will talk to me!”

  • Why? (Reputation +1)
  • Stare at him. (Courage +1)
  • Mirror, mirror, who is the fairest of them all? (Reputation -1)
    • “Who knows, but it is definitely not Snow White.”

Mr. Pumpkin

“Hmph, what is one failure? I will become the pumpkin king!”

  • Encourage him. (Reputation +1)
    • “Thank you! This is the first time someone believed me! I will work hard!” – Thank you! This is the first time anyone has believed in me, since the witch created me.
  • Discourage him. (Reputation -1)
  • Knock his head. (Courage +1)


“What do you want? Are you going to step on me again?”

  • Stomp on it. (Reputation -1, Maximum health +5 or +10)
  • Gentle Comfort. (Reputation +1)
  • Leave it alone. (Courage -1)

Piranha Plant

“A skinny runt like you would barely fit in the gaps between my teeth!”

  • Ask about Grandma. (Reputation +1) – “Ugh. Old meat tastes dreadful. Only a werewolf would eat that!”
  • Stomp on it. (Courage +1, Health -6)

Toad Prophet

Prophet asks if you want to know something for gold

  • Ask for Grandma (Reputation +2, gold -4)
  • Good question. Your Grandma is near cementary.
  • Ask for monster origin. (Courage +2, gold -5)
  • Don’t ask. (Courage -1)

Tryst Man

“It’s not good to be rude, beautiful girl!”

  • Keep hitting him. (Courage +1)
  • Ask about Grandma’s tracks. (Reputation +1)
    • “Follow me and you will find your grandmother.”
  • Ask him what he’s doing in the forest. (Reputation -1)

Tryst Woman

“I have no time to take nonsense with you! I have an appointment.”

  • Who is the appointment with? (Reputation -1)
  • Stop her. (Courage +1)
  • Remind her that her hair is sticking up. (Reputation +1)

Weapon Thief

“If it weren’t for these damn weapons, I wouldn’t have lost my family!”

  • Who is the killer? (Reputation +2)
  • Console him. (Courage +2) – “only weak people will feel the horror of these weapons” / only the weak will feel the terror of these weapons
  • Leave him. (Nothing)


“I love this forest, not the village”

  • Ask the reason. (Reputation +1, Courage +1)
  • Ask for a clue.
    • “Everyone says the werewolf’s responsible for your grandma’s disappearance, but I think it’s the witch.”
      • Werewolf? (Courage +2): “Seeing a werewolf during a full moon is normal. That may not be the reason your grandma came here.”
      • The witch? (Reputation +2): “A lot of creatures here are bound to black magic. It’s the witch who’s the problem.”

Chapter 3


“Death, is also a new beginning.”

  • Discuss the church. (Reputation +1)
  • Discuss wine. (Courage +1, HP -7)
  • Discuss life and death. (Reputation +2)
  • <Soul Hunter only> Complete the contract. (Courage +4 Bonus card +1)


“Almost there. Soon I will become true human.”

  • Ask her. (Courage +1)
  • Why do you want to be human? (Reputation +1)
  • Help her. (Courage +1, Reputation +1)


“Take a look at my biceps! Do they make you afraid?”

  • Ignore him. (Reputation +1)
  • Threaten him. (Courage +1) – “Argh! Wild kids are more frightening than werewolves!”
  • Show fear. (Courage -1)


“Hey! Would you dare to make a bet with me? If so, you’ll get my gold tooth!”

  • Make a bet. (Courage +1, Gold +10 or -5)
  • Refuse his bet. (Courage -1)
  • Tell him to stop gambling. (Reputation +)

Ghost Doll

“We want to be with our parents too.”

  • Hug them. (Courage +2)

“Go and find your grandmother. I hope she hasn’t run into any werewolves.”

  • Speak with them. (Reputation +2)
  • Leave them. (Reputation -1)

Grave Guardian

“Haha! Is someone having a party? The cemetery hasn’t been this lively in ages.”

  • Having a party? (Reputation +2)
  • Chat with him. (Courage +2)
  • Grandma’s whereabouts. (Reputation -1)

Headless Horseman

“Do… don’t hit my face! Huh? My head?”

  • Help him remember. (Reputation +2)
  • Speak with him. (Courage +2)
  • Laugh at him.(Reputation -1)


“Hey! Stop hitting me! Maybe we can join forces and get the monsters who kidnapped your grandmother.”

  • Ask him. (Courage +2)
  • Refuse him. (Reputation +1) – “I swear! I saw a werewolf sneaking around!”
  • Rob him. (Reputation -, Gold+)
  • <Ranger only> Shake Hand (Action +1)

Old Mage

“You should be more respectful to your elders! Hmph!”

  • Treat her. (Reputation +1)
  • Ask about Grandma. (Courage +1)
  • Learn about magic (Little Witch only, suffer -10 but get Mana Tide card)

Phantom Captain

“It is because I didn’t agree to help him that they turned me into this?”

  • Who are them? (Reputation +2) – “Of course those old men have all the power of the church! They don’t tolerate opposition.”
  • Your past. (Courage +2)
  • Agree to help him. (Gold +5)

Pig Widow

“I failed, but maybe you really can save this forest.”

  • Consult her. (Reputation +2)

The witch frequently appears in this forest. She must have something to do with your grandmother’s.Help her.

  • (Courage +2)
  • Follow her. (Courage -1)


“Even back then, I still didn’t have the heart to hurt a pregnant woman who’d helped me.”

  • Pregnant Woman (Reputation +1)

“Her name was Sophia. The charges against her were corruption by dark magic, but I knew she was innocent.”

  • Human-Werewolf Love (Reputation -1)

How do you know? It was suppressed by the church, because they felt it brought shame upon them.”

  • About Himself (Courage +1)

I’m just a pitiful pawn. whose hands are covered in blood.

Weird Fishman

“Make a wish. This is the flounder’s reward to you.”

  • Health. (Max HP +5)
  • Wealth. (Gold +5)
  • Love. (Reputation +1, Courage +1)
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