Nioh 2 -The Complete Edition

Nioh 2 The Complete Edition – Random Encounters vs Expeditions

This guide will be covering the differences between the random encounters and expeditions in Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition. If you’re one of the players confused which one to pick in the multiplayer mode of Nioh 2, then this guide will surely help you.

Random Encounters vs Expeditions

Random encounters are designed for solo players who wish to receive (host) or provide (visitor) help. When a visitor joins a game and they die, they go back to the map and leave the game with zero rewards; while the host of the game continues uninterrupted. If the host dies, the visitor also leaves the match as he failed in his mission to help the host. This is similar to how Dark Souls handles co-op.

Expeditions on the other hand are the exact same game mode but designed to share lives with the Co-op blue bar so that you don’t get kicked if you die once or twice. Expeditions are meant to be a cooperative effort, while Random Encounters are meant to be about receiving help if you are the host or providing help if you are the visitor. The benefit to random encounters is that if a visitor shows up and he sucks really bad at the game, then you are not penalized for their mistakes. You do lose the Ochoko Cup offered, however.

And that’s all for this Nioh 2 -The Complete Edition guide. For more details about the multiplayer mode, feel free to check this link.

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