No Guns Life Season 2

No Guns Life Season 2 Episode List and Release Date

No Guns Life Season 2 is the sequel of the No Guns Life anime series which aired in 2019. No Guns Life 2 is produced by the same studio, Madhouse Studio. The same staff is also working behind the second season of the anime series. Knowing the success of the first season, it’s not surprising why No Guns Life Season 2 is one of the highest rated anime this summer 2020.

No Guns Life 2 is being broadcasted in Japan, specifically on AT-X, TBS and KBS Kyoto. Just like the other anime this summer, No Guns Life Season 2 is also available for online streaming.

No Guns Life Season 2 Synopsis

The second cour of No Guns Life follows the story of Juuzo Inui’s mission to rescue Rosa McMahon. Rosa is a valuable person because of the data that Beruhren Corporation is after. Pepper is still determined to make Juuzo Inui her property as an addition to her current Gun Slave Unit, Seven.

No Guns Life Season 2 Episode List

No Guns Life Season 2 Episode List

Just like the first season, No Guns Life Season 2 has a total of 12 episodes. The first episode of No Guns Life Season 2 premiered in July 10, 2020. Check out the availabe No Guns Life Season 2 episode list, titles, and release dates. Just click the episode if you want to watch it.

Episode No.TitleRelease Date
Episode 1Turning PointJuly 10, 2020
Episode 2ClientJuly 17, 2020
Episode 3A Place to Call HomeJuly 24, 2020
Episode 4EngineerJuly 31, 2020
Episode 5Noble RotAugust 7, 2020
Episode 6Traces of CrimeAugust 14, 2020
Episode 7ScarAugust 21, 2020
Episode 8TBAAugust 28, 2020
Episode 9TBASeptember 4, 2020
Episode 10TBASeptember 11, 2020
Episode 11TBASeptember 18, 2020
Episode 12TBASeptember 25, 2020

No Guns Life Season 2 Characters and Casts

Main Characters

  • Junichi Suwabe as Juuzou Inui
  • Daiki Yamashita as Tetsurou Arawabaki
  • Manami Numakura as Mary Steinberg

Supporting Characters

  • Masashi Ebera as Christina Matsuzaki
  • Marika Kouno as Scarlet Gosling
  • Youji Ueda as Hugh Cunningham
  • Youko Hikasa as Olivier Vandeberme
  • Yuuya Uchida as Cronen von Wolf
  • Kenyuu Horiuchi as Mega-armed Tokisada
  • Inori Minase as Pepper
  • Yuuko Sanpei as Seven
  • Takahiro Sakurai as Jon D. Kouki
  • Kazuyuki Okitsu as Victor Steinberg
  • Masayuki Katou as Avi Covo