No Way Out Achievement Guide and Tips

Simple pointers for 100% completion. Best seen as the need arises.


No Way Out is a PSX-styled first-person mystery adventure that features a total of 7 endings and 10 achievements. This guide provides clean-cut pointers and reference shots for getting them all.

A day at the farm starts with the alarm at 6:00 AM and ends when the on-screen clock reaches 10:00 PM. Your unchanging chores are: getting the watering can from the basement and filling it at the pond, feeding the horses in the barn with carrots picked from the farm and planting then watering seeds to replace the picks. Completing the chores advances the clock to 10:00 PM at an instant. Still, the day ends sooner or later whether the chores are done or not. You may opt to keep doing your chores – yet, your life does not change by a bit unless you step out of the line.

In case one wants to discover the endings by themselves, objects of note are:

  • A gasoline can, a flashlight, a revolver coupled with a few bullets and a book in the farmhouse;
  • a crank and a box of ammo in the barn; a car battery in the tunnels.

Apart from the hidden ones tied to the endings, the remaining achievements are:

An Honest Day’s Work
Harvest, replant and water all carrots in a single day.

Even though you are not required to, simply pick all the thirty-five carrots in the farm, plant new seeds in place and water them all. The achievement unlocks alongside the ending you get.

Reach all endings.

As stated in the description, this one unlocks once the endings counter reaches 7/7.


The endings are ordered from the simplest to the most complicated.

The Easy Way Out
End it all with the pull of a trigger.

Get the revolver as well as a bullet and commit suicide.

A Cog in the Machine
Neglect the farm for too long.

Let two days pass without doing any work at all.

Time for a Replacement
Let a horse starve.

Keep doing your chores, but let one of the horses go unfed for three days.

Car Crash
Crash your car.

Get the gasoline can and the crank. Go into the tunnels and get the car battery found next to the electronically locked door. Return to the car in front of the farmhouse and get it running. Once on the highway, crash into the traffic.

No Way Out
Try escaping with your car.

Following the steps above, get into the car once more. Upon reaching the highway, avoid the traffic and keep driving as long as you can.

Jump off the cliff.

Look for a book sticking out from the row on the shelves to the back of the farmhouse basement and pull it out to reveal a hidden compartment. Get the keycard found inside, as well as the crank from the barn. Continue into the tunnels and go through the electronically locked door. Once you reach the raised bridge, drop down to the area below.

End of the World
Witness the earth tearing apart.

Gather the gasoline can, the keycard and the crank. Take note of the alignment of the planets shown on the panel in the hidden compartment. Continue into the tunnels, get the car battery and go through the electronically locked door. Start the generator next to it to lower the bridge. Utilize the car battery to power the equipment found in the following cave. Use the control panel to order the planets as hinted before (or in the second shot above) and take the lift down.

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