Nordic Ashes Update Patch Notes

Nordic Ashes, the highly-anticipated RPG game, has released its latest patch version on 24 April 2023. This update brings a number of Quality of Life (QoL) improvements to the game. Players can now access the newly added Olga’s Blessing tutorial, which will help them to master the gameplay mechanics. In addition, the update introduces an option to disable the “Autopause in Background” feature, which will allow the game to keep running even when it’s in the background.

The patch also includes a number of bug fixes, including Mama Bat’s behaviour which was not working properly when paralyzed. The issue where enemy abilities and damage dealt would appear on top of the wave bar on boss fights has also been resolved. Finally, the patch addresses various translation errors, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience for players around the world.

Nordic Ashes Update Patch Notes

  • Olga’s Blessing tutorial added.
  • You may disable the “Autopause in Background” in the settings panel/utilities so it keeps running.
Bug fixes
  • Mama bat’s behavior was not working properly when paralyzed.
  • Enemy abilities and damage dealt got on top of the wave bar on boss fights.
  • Translation errors.
  • There was a bug that sometimes crashed the game, hopefully, it is solved by now.
  • & other minor bug fixes.

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