Not For Broadcast – How to Get “Family Orientated” Achievement

If you’re having a hard time obtaining the Not For Broadcast achievement called “Family Oriented”, this guide will show and help you get this hard-to-obtain achievement. Keep in mind that this guide may contain spoilers of the game. So, continue reading at your own risk.

Family Orientated
Bring the whole Winston family to the New Future and beyond.


Charlie will always live, as he stays with you and sam both ways when he sways either into Advance or Disrupt based on you’re choices.


Suzie is a pretty easy one, if you make sure to not let her leave the country for her holiday when she asks you during Christmas, she will stay at home and survive liberation day.


At the very begging of the game, Chris will ask to use your passport to flee the country, if you deny this he will be forced to stay, and survive the bombing.


To keep your mother with you, you need to make sure you have a decent amount of money around one-third into the game to afford a care worker for her in your home.


  • All choices for this achievement align with an Advance biased playthrough.
  • If you’re having difficulty raising money, lower the difficulty to receive bigger bonuses based on performance in easier broadcasts.
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