Obey Me

Obey Me Achievement List and Guide for Xbox One

Publisher Error 404 Game Studios has released the official Obey Me achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In Obey Me, players will be needing a total of 1,000 Gamerscore to earn the 46 achievements in the game. There are 17 secret achievements in the game. We already listed them below, so make sure that you’re ready since it may spoil the game.

StarstruckGet an SS rank on any encounter10
Get SmartFind one of Crowley's notes15
Almost Human (Secret)Defeat Billy (Secret)10
Deep Cleaning (Secret)Defeat Ors (Secret)10
Twisted Sisters (Secret)Defeat Xiamala & Dranea (Secret)10
Night of the Hunter (Secret)Defeat Marchosias (Secret)10
Purify This! (Secret)Defeat The Purifier (Secret)10
Echoes (Secret)Defeat The Angelical Echo (Secret)10
Shut the hell up! (Secret)Defeat Anna (Secret)20
Revolution (Secret)Defeat Ammon (Secret)25
Angel's Punishment (Secret)Defeat Zadkiel (Secret)25
I Need a Shower (Secret)Complete The Slums10
Black Friday (Secret)Complete Clota's Open Mall (Secret)10
Tomb Raiding (Secret)Complete Beneath the City (Secret)10
Corporate Cutthroat (Secret)Complete Legion Bank (Secret)10
Metamorphisis (Secret)Unlock all dog forms (Secret)25
One-Demon Army (Secret)Unlock all weapons (Secret)25
Number of the BeastStay fused for 666 seconds15
ExterminatorDefeat 1,000 enemy units15
Sewer SurferLocate all cute graffiti in Chapter 715
Radio HeadsDestroy all ancient radios15
Trigger HappyTrigger 1,000 charged enemies15
Walking LibraryFind all of Crowley's notes30
A Shard a Day...Complete a Purified Astral Crystal15
...Keeps the Doctor AwayCollect all Purified Astral Shards30
SoulmongerCollect 300,000 Souls25
Rebel YellDefeat Chapter 2's boss without taking any damage20
Denied!Defeat Chapter 3's boss without allowing it to heal30
Speed DatingDefeat Chapter 6's first boss in less than 100 seconds20
My Dog!Defeat Chapter 6's second boss without allowing him to transform30
Cleansing ProtocolDefeat Chapter 8's boss without allowing it to use its tornado attack more than twice30
This is Almost Too Much!Defeat Chapter 9's boss without losing more than 20% of Vanessa's health30
Eat-your-own-jutsuDefeat Chapter 11's boss after making her clones attack her at least once20
Can't Touch ThisDefeat Chapter 12's first boss without being hit by orb attacks more than three times20
Triggered!Defeat Chapter 12's second boss after triggering him at full charge three or more times20
Locked 'n LoadedFully upgrade a weapon15
Walking Aresenal (Secret)Fully upgrade all weapons (Secret)30
TrainerFully upgrade a dog form15
Master Trainer (Secret)Fully upgrade all dog forms (Secret)30
PerfectionAchieve a SS rating on any chapter10
Garbage CleaningDefeat the bosses of Chapters 2 and 3 on Hard Mode30
Nothing PersonalDefeat the bosses of Chapter 6 on Hard Mode30
Holy AffairsDefeat the bosses of Chapters 8 and 9 on Hard Mode30
Totally PersonalDefeat the bosses of Chapters 11 and 12 on Hard Mode30
Infernal LegendClear all chapters with S rank or better40
Complete MeFinish the game with 100% completion100

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