Obsideo Update Adds New Map, Ghost Eliminator, and Bug Fixes

Developer and publisher Kyle’s Garage has released the newest update for Obsideo. The new Obsideo update carries build 7345126 on Steam. We already have the complete patch notes for you to read.

The new update mainly features the addition of the new map, ghost eliminator, and in-game bug fixes. Check out the changes below.

Obsideo Update (Build 7345126) Patch Notes

New Map

The new map is called Wilson Street, featuring a 3 bedroom small house, around the same size as River Road that features a large basement, and 2 living rooms.

Ghost Eliminator

The ghost eliminator has finally arrived in the latest version of Obsideo. This tool will help players to narrow down what ghost they are dealing with.

To use the Ghost Eliminator, players have to tick the interactions they see and the tool will show the exact ghost they will be dealing with. As of the moment, it is available in both Easy and Hard mode. The developer has promised that it will change in the near future, along with more changes to the hard mode of the game.

Bug Fixes

Apart from the new features that the game has added in this new Obsideo update, the game also received some minor bug fixes. Below are the solved issues in the game:

  • Fixed a bug where the exorcisms would fail and just say “Missed Clues:”
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost would hear you even if your mic was completely unplugged
  • Fixed a bug where players would randomly die
  • Fixed a bug where players would get no interactions
  • Cleaned up a lot of inconsistencies with “Throw Kids Ball” and “Dino Toys”
  • Fixed a bug where ghosts would sometimes do interactions not listed (although the Yurei can stab walls, and it doesn’t say they can)

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