Of Carrots And Blood

Of Carrots And Blood Cheat Codes

This guide will be showing you all the available cheat codes for Of Carrots And Blood. Please note that all the cheat codes below are provided by the game developer, before the Trite Games Studio’s definitive closure.

Of Carrots And Blood Cheat Codes

  • ICANWINNING – All achievements
  • SUPERBRAIN – All characters
  • BACKPACK – All equipment
  • CLAVINOVER – All vinyls
  • CLR – Clear save game
  • DEALWITHIT – Shroom Glasses
  • INTROVERT – Watch intro again
  • GIMME$ – Set loot to 9
  • GIMME$$ – Set loot to 99
  • GIMME$$$ – Set loot to 999
  • GIMME$$$$ – Set loot to 9999
  • GIMME$$$$$ – Set loot to 99999
  • GIMME$$$$$$ – Set loot to 999999
  • LEFT4DEAD – Fill menu with skulls

How to Use Cheat Codes

To access the code screen, follow the steps below:

When starting the game, look for the “Cheat Code” field in the main menu:

Of Carrots and Blood

This screen will appear, use the “Enter” key to enter the codes and “Esc” to delete:

Of Carrots and Blood

After entering the codes, press OK to confirm it:

Of Carrots and Blood

If it is positive, this message will confirm its activation:

  • Something magical happened!

If you input a wrong code, you will get this message:

  • Nothing happened.
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