Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape – How to Get Free 10,000 Coins

This guide will be covering the details on how you can get 10,000 coins in Old School RuneScape for Free. If you’re one of the players having a hard time obtaining enough coins, this one is for you.

How to Get Free 10k Coins

Requirements: Food and armor

Talk to Count Check in the Lumbridge cemetery south of Lumbridge and talk to him about your account security. He’s going to give you a free teleport to the Stronghold of Security. Teleport to the Stronghold of Security and navigate your way through the mazes. You’ll find a coin reward at the end of each maze.

The first floor gives you 2000 coins, the second floor gives you 3000 coins, and the third floor gives you 5000 coins. There are 4 floors in total, but the 4th floor is not going to give you gold, but boots.

Old School RuneScape

Once done, simply teleport going back to where you came from or directly at your home. You can find it in your magic book.

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