Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape – What Are Clans and How to Join One

This guide will be covering the basic knowledge and tips of the clans in Old School RuneScape. In addition, you will also be able to learn how to join a clan in Old School RuneScape.

What are Clans?

In the game clans are called “Clan Chat” and you join through something called “friends chat” simply type in another players name to join their friends chat. Often clans have accounted a name just for the clan, but sometimes the clan’s friends chat is just someones random name.

Old School RuneScape

For example, if a clans name is “GNG”, then players would type in GNG to join our friends chat. After you join you can type into the clan chat with “/” (forward) slash.

Where to Find Clans?

Old School RuneScape has a forum on their official website where you can find other clans, or even post that you are looking for one. You can check the website here.

Why Join a Clan?

Runescape is a big big game with a lot to learn. and a lot to do, and really it’s not about playing the game with other people, as much as the social experience really makes the grind that this game is easier.

Old School RuneScape

I maxed my account for example which took over 2,000 hours, and I could never have pushed through that without my clan. But beyond that. clans are also a great place to learn things from other players, find a place to support you while you learn higher-level content in the game, and have a consistent group of people you can trust to not scam you when you get that Twisted bow Drop!

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