OMORI – All Key Locations Guide

This guide will be covering the exact locations of all keys in Omori. If you’re one of the players looking for a key in Omori, this will surely help you find one.

Before we proceed with the guide, please note that this guide contains spoilers for Omori. Continue reading at your own risk.


All Key Locations in Omori


A – In the grass near a stump.

  • This one is the easiest, of course. The first one you can find. Follow the red steps near the stump and you’ll find the key.

B – On a shrouded old bridge.

  • While you are looking for Basil, you’ll come across a large bridge that connects the forest to the train station. On the middle of this bridge (straight), you’ll come across the key.

C – Between giant pinwheels.

  • In the forest on the right side’s first transition, up in the top right location, there is a ladder that heads up to where Kite Kid is. The key is up there next to him.

D – Near a castoff cartridge.

  • After acquiring the cartridge for Capt. S Space Boyfriend, you need to enter a bin near the location you acquire it to collect this key. To-do: validate, take pictures

E – Underneath a wet pillow.

  • TBD

F – Within a large frame.

  • You will get this key during the story while trying to catch up with the silhouette of Basil.

Three Days Left

G – Beneath a trap door.

  • TBD

H – In a lost pyre’s flame.

  • TBD

I – Lying in a dark cell.

  • While escaping the Dungeon, you’ll eventually find a button that unlocks spikes in front of a cell. In that cell, there is the key.

J – Trapped in a pink cage.

  • TBD

K – In a hall of framed faces.

  • While solving everything in the castle to disperse the crowd, you must enter the library. After completing the objective in that location, eat the pink cake on the right side to be transported to the location where this key is.

L – Far below a big stage.

  • You will collect this key during the story. After defeating Sweetheart, jump into the pit on the stage to continue the story. It will be toward the end of the Lost Library that you end up in.

Two Days Left

M – Spending time with a frog.

  • You will collect this key during the story. After overcoming your fear of drowning, the key will be inside of the wormhole that Mari leaves when she disappears into the window/curtain.

N – Near a game of roulette.

  • This one is simple. Once you enter the casino for the first time, it’s on the left side of the room next to the machines.

O – Amongst other O’s.

  • Outside of the casino on the left side, there is a haunted pool. Enter the pool to be transported to the ghost party. You can pick up the ghost quest here too, which you have probably seen things for around the world already. The key will be in the bottom left of this area, amongst the several other floating O’s.

P – In a water closet.

  • TBD

Q – In a small moving room.

  • You will collect this key during the story. It is in the elevator going to the boss.

R – At the end of a plank.

  • After re-acquiring Aubrey, go to the 4th floor and enter the room behind the moustached ghost. Go up as far as you can, using Aubrey’s ability as you go up higher and higher. Eventually, you will climb a ladder to acquire the key.

S – Within a live shell.

  • You will see this key during the story. To acquire it, make you way across the highway (through either paying ~7500 clams or going around each section) and it is inside the clam at the end.

What Keys Are Required?

If you want to know what keys are the only ones required to solve the puzzle to avoid getting any marks on your hangman, here they are: W, E, L, C, O, M, E, T, B, A, K, S, and P.

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