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One Piece 984 Spoilers: Why Did Yamato Saved Luffy?

One Piece Chapter 984 raw scan spoilers will be out soon and before the spoilers leaked online, you might want to take a look at what really happened in the previous chapter. As we all know, Luffy has been saved by Yamato during the fight against Ulti. Kaido’s son did not hurt Luffy but instead, told him that he was waiting for him. But what could be the reason why Yamato interfered Ulti and Luffy’s fight? Why did he save the Straw Hat Pirates’ captain from the enemy?

We still don’t have the exact answer to these questions as the upcoming chapter is yet to reveal the details. However, the One Piece community has created a lot of theories about why the son of Yonko Kaido saved him. Below are the theories that we find interesting.

Theories: Why Did Yamato Saved Luffy?

According to a post on Reddit, Yamato idolized Oden in the past. There’s a chance that Yamato was present during the execution and last moment of Kozuki Oden. Seeing Oden’s bravery, Yamato tried to follow his path by copying Kozuki Oden’s fighting style and appearance. It’s actually not surprising if Yamato idolized Kozuki Oden. Even Kaido respects the man due to the courage that he demonstrated during the execution.

Other theories suggest that Yamato is also a fan of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates. Similar to Bartolomeo, Yamato could have also seen how Luffy overcame all the trials in his life. This could be the reason why Yamato saved him.

What do you think about these theories? Do you think Yamato will help Luffy and the others defeat Kaido and Orochi? Let’s find out once the One Piece Chapter 984 releases on July 5th.

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