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One Piece Chapter 929 Spoilers and Raw Scan Revealed at Jump Festa

This is far from expected. Apparently, during the Jump Festa 2018 held in Japan today, One Piece Chapter 929 raw scan has been revealed on stage where thousands of fans are watching.

Usually, One Piece fans are getting early spoilers during Thursday or Friday every week, but it seems like One Piece 929 spoiler just leaked early.

In the screenshot, we can see Zoro holding a bottle of sake walking along with some dude. Unfortunately, we can’t tell who is the guy with him but what’s good news is that fans are about to see Zoro again. As for the text, we are still waiting for someone who can translate the Japanese characters from the raw scan.

One Piece Chapter 929 Raw Scan

In One Piece manga, Zoro’s last fight was during the Dressrosa Arc where he defeats Pica. He is missing in the Whole Cake Island arc and his latest appearance happened in the Wano Arc.

Fans are excited to see Zoro getting back in action, and with the recent happenings in the Wano Country, Zoro will surely get another epic fight with Kaido’s underling.

Featured image: @yametastudio

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