One Piece Chapter 944 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 944 Predictions, Release Date: Sanji and Zoro Reunites

Two of the most loved characters in One Piece has finally reunited in the previous chapter, which is why you should be taking some note of the One Piece Chapter 944 release date as things are getting more exciting. There is still no leaked spoilers for this chapter just yet, but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop predicting how things may happen. Come and join me as we discuss and predict the breathtaking scenes for the upcoming chapter.

UPDATE: Read One Piece Chapter 944 Spoilers and Raw Scans

One Piece Chapter 944 Predictions

The previous chapter gave us a lot more information about Smiles and how they affect the people of the Wano Country. In the end, Otoko shows herself and Orochi shots her but he failed to kill Otoko as Zoro and Sanji intervened to protect the girl.

With the upcoming One Piece Chapter 944, we may finally see Sanji and Zoro fight together. As seen in the previous chapter, Hawkins and Drake are also in that place and there’s a high chance that these two will be fighting the Straw Hats.

Apart from these big names, other allies are also nearby and chances are that they will be saving Otoko and may help Sanji and Zoro. On the other part of the Wano, Chopper and Big Mom may finally be entering the Udon Mine where Luffy is currently detained.

One Piece Chapter 944 Release Date

Since there is no delay that has been announced, it is expected to see the digital scan of this chapter this weekend, while the official manga will be available in the next Shonen Jump magazine issue which is due on June 3, 2019.

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