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One Piece Chapter 967 Manga Scanlation Went Live Earlier Than Expected

While everyone thinks that the chapter last week is the final One Piece manga of 2019, it seems that the author, Eiichiro Oda, has a surprise to every fan.

One Piece manga is usually getting spoilers and early scans a day or two before it officially releases, but what happened right now is a bit unusual as the upcoming One Piece Chapter 967 scans have been brought online. Check out the chapter summary below based on the early manga scanlation.

One Piece Chapter 967 Summary

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The latest One Piece Chapter 967 titled Roger’s Adventure mainly focused on the flashback story and adventure of the Pirate King Gol D. Roger. He’s been accompanied by his crew, along with Oden and his family.

After their sailing from Sky Island, they went back to the see and went to Water 7 where they meet Tom and Franky. Oden invites Franky to join the Roger Pirates, but Franky, who was still a kid rejected his offer.

One Piece Water 7

The pirate crew traveled down to Fishman Island. During that time, Shirahoshi hasn’t been born yet but Shyarly already predicted that Neptune will be having a daughter. Just before they reach the island, Roger and Oden heard someone talking. It seems that these are the voices of the sea kings. Roger also found the Poneglyph that he’s looking for in the Fishman Island.

Roger and the others went back to the surface and continued their journey to Wano Country. Just when they arrive in Wano, Toki was attacked by a terrible fever and can no longer join Oden on his adventure. Oden decides to leave his family in the Wano and still joins Roger on his adventure.

One Piece Wano Arc

Oden, Roger, and the rest of the pirate crew went to Zou where they found the last Poneglyph they are looking for. Also, Oden learned that Minks are allied with the Wano for a long time.

Since they have assembled the four Road Poneglyphs, they have figured out the destination to get there and sailed. Gol D. Roger and his pirate crew successfully reached the last island, Raftel, and the news rapidly spread across the oceans dubbing him as the King of the Pirates.

One Piece Laugh Tale

Roger, reaching the final island, learned everything about the Void Century, the meaning of the D. name, and the ancient weapons. In addition, it has also been revealed that Wano Country is open to the world in the past.

When the Roger Pirates reached Raftel and found the treasure, all of them just laughed. Roger wished that he was born in the same era as Joy Boy. Because of the interesting and fun story, they decide to name the last island “Laugh Tale”.

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