One Piece Episode 860

One Piece Episode 860: Spoiler and Release Date

In One Piece Episode 859, we saw Luffy running for his life from the Big Mom Pirates while waiting for his Hack to come back. Meanwhile, in the Cacao Island, we also got to see how Sanji kicked Oven and saved Chiffon without revealing his real identity.

Despite the effort that Sanji made, Oven still managed to find Chiffon. Charlotte Oven is about to kill Chiffon, but he receives a call telling him that the Fire Tank Pirates is coming to the island. Episode 859 ended with Oven threatening Capone Bege to kill Chiffon if he doesn’t surrender.

One Piece Episode 860 Spoiler

As a captain and a husband to Chiffon, Capone Bege will continue heading to Cacao Island to save his wife. We will see Bege come ashore and directly fire at Oven’s face.

After firing the shot, Sanji will immediately kick the cake, and it will land on Bege’s ship. Sanji, Pudding, Chiffon, and the other chiefs will set sail in Bege’s ship, but Oven will try to stop them.

Going back to the Nuts Island, Luffy will be able to regain his Haki and is determined to go back to the mirror world to continue the fight between him and Katakuri.

One Piece Episode 860 Release Date

The title of this episode is Man’s Way of Life – Pez and Captain Luffy’s Decision. Fortunately, there will be no delay next week despite the Halloween season. One Piece Episode 860: Man’s Way of Life – Pez and Captain Luffy’s Decision will be available on October 4, 2018.

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