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Latest ‘One Piece’ Manga Confirms Big Mom – Kaido Pirate Alliance

One Piece manga is currently in the Wano Arc which is considered the best story arc in this manga series. The Straw Hat Pirates has formed an alliance to take down the current shogun Orochi and his allies, including Yonko Kaid and his subordinates.

Right now, Luffy and the others are still in preparation for the big war but it seems that they are facing a huge threat. One Piece Chapter 954 just came out and while it covers some interesting pages, one that caught our attention is the new alliance that has been formed in the Wano Country.

One Piece Big Mom vs Kaido

The previous One Piece manga chapters showed us that Big Mom Pirates arrives in the Wano Country, chasing our protagonists after they intervene the wedding in the Whole Cake Island. Instead of welcoming Big Mom Pirates, Kaido told his subordinate not to allow them to enter the country. King, of the All-Stars in Kaido’s crew, attacked Big Mom’s ship which results in an unexpected accident.

Big Mom was thrown to the water and when she wakes up, all of her memories were gone. Chopper and the others meet Big Mom and they become an ally until they reached the Udon prison where Big Mom regained her memory during the fight against Queen. Right after she regained her memories, she falls asleep which gave Queen the chance to bring the Yonko to Onigashima where Kaido is residing.

Kaido Mythical Devil Fruit
Kaido Mythical Devil Fruit

Big Mom wakes up and meets Kaido and as seen in the previous chapter, the two Yonko fights each other. The reason for their quarrel is still unknown but it has been revealed that Big Mom and Kaido were on the same ship in the past. While many fans think that their fight is a good sign for the cause of the resistance, it seems things have changed and becomes worse.

As seen in the latest chapter, the two Yonko have decided to make an alliance. Knowing that they have the same goal right now, we’re not too surprised of their actions. Now that Big Mom – Kaido Pirate Alliance has been formed, how will it affect the upcoming war to reclaim and free Wano Country from the current shogun? Are Luffy and his allies have enough manpower to face the two of the strongest pirates? Let’s see how things unfold when the Wano Arc final war begins.

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