One Piece: Romance Dawn

One Piece: Romance Dawn TV Special Gets New Preview and Release Date

One Piece anime surely takes the spotlight this year. Apart from the blockbuster One Piece: Stampede movie and the overwhelming scenes in both One Piece anime and manga, Eiichiro Oda is releasing another One Piece TV special next month.

As part of the One Piece 20th Anniversary celebration, One Piece creator is releasing One Piece: Romance Dawn anime special on October 20, 2019. The new Romance Dawn is the second adaptation of the previous Romance Dawn that was released in 2008.

This new anime special will be featuring the new and old characters in One Piece that will be taking place in a different universe. Why is that?

One Piece: Romance Dawn

As seen in the new One Piece: Romance Dawn preview, it seems that Monkey D. Garp is also a pirate. In the original One Piece series, Luffy got his power by eating Gomu Gomu no Mi from Shanks, but in One Piece: Romance Dawn, Garp was spotted giving the devil fruit to Luffy. Apart from Garp, another interesting character is Ann’s appearance which is almost similar to Nami, although she got a blue-colored hair.

Check out the new One Piece: Romance Dawn preview below:

At present, the One Piece anime is now in the first act of Wano Kuni Arc, while the One Piece manga is about to begin the third act of the Wano Arc.

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