One Troll Army

One Troll Army Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can get 100% achievements in One Troll Army game. If you’re one of the players trying to obtain all One Troll Army achievements, this one is for you.

Before we start, please note that this guide may contain spoilers of the game. Continue reading at your own risk. Feel free to scan this page if you’re looking for a certain achievement guide.

One Troll Army Achievement Guide

There’s a total of 15 achievements in One Troll Army. Below are the details on how you can obtain them.

Build Strawburg – Complete all buildings and towers of the fortress.

  • Play the first history level called Strawburg and complete the tasks to advance to the next.

Build Timberpost – Upgrade all buildings and towers up to level 2.

  • Play the second history level called Timberpost and complete the tasks to advance to the next.

Build Stonehold – Upgrade all buildings and towers up to level 3.

  • Play the last history level called Stonehold and complete the tasks to finish the history.

Killer – Kill 100 enemies.

  • Defend the fortress killing 100 enemies.

Annihilator – Kill 1000 enemies.

  • Defend the fortress killing 1000 enemies.

Boss Destroyer – Kill the most powerful of the bosses.

  • Kill the strongest boss of the game. The hit that kills must be from your troll. The chances of him appearing increase as you win successive waves.

Money-lender – Earn 10000 coins in total.

  • Get 10000 coins from looting and selling resources.

Tycoon – Earn 10000 materials in total.

  • Earn 10000 materials in total by collecting woods, irons and stones.

Trader – Spend 10000 gold on resources.

  • Spend 10000 gold on resource in the trading post.

Professionals – Upgrade goblins to the maximum level.

  • Upgrade all the seven upgrade points from the goblins in Town Hall.

Ideal – Improve all troll skills to the maximum level.

  • The troll has 12 skills to upgrade. Upgrade all of them to the maximum of 3.

Armed to the teeth – Upgrade tower weapons to the maximum level.

  • Train all the 4 types of goblins to the maximum at the Barracks.

Mercenary Army – Hire 30 mercenaries.

  • Mercenaries are hired at Tavern clicking on the + signal. The higher the Tavern level, more mercenaries can be hired, but they will be more expensive. When they die in battles, you can buy a new one to get 30 to this achievement. After unlocking Survival mode, you can get it easily by building a tavern, selling all the resources, hiring two mercenaries and restarting the mode.

All quests – Complete all remaining quests.

  • Complete all the quests. The quests names and descriptions are on the first in-game button, bellow the settings. Some are from realizing the tutorial and others from the achievements above.

Survived – Survive at least 20 waves without losses at the Survival mission.

  • Survive 19 waves without letting your fortress being destroyed. If you want to get by the easiest way, playing on the easy difficulty, be careful when finishing the Stonehold level for not selecting Endless mode or the game will change the difficult to the hardest. Choose your strategy, but the basics are for upgrading the main buildings to get more goblins to collect, build and repair quickly. I reached the 20th wave by doing that and with buildings at level 2, just Iron Pit, 1 healing level, 3 health, 3 basic attack and three abilities.

And that’s all for this One Troll Army achievement guide. We would like to thank Wolveruno for this detailed game guide.

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