Othercide Complete Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can get the 100% achievements in Othercide. If you’re one of the players trying to obtain all Othercide achievements, this guide is for you.

Before we start, please note that this guide may contain spoilers of the game. If you’re looking for a certain achievement, just search it using the keyboard shortcut.

Othercide Achievement Guide

There’s a total of 26 achievements in Othercide. 10 of these achievements are secret and hidden.

General Info and Tips

  • All achievements can be made in Nightmare or Dream mode.
  • Game progress is being auto-saved.
  • Losing all the Daughters or being defeated in a boss fight is going to start a new recollection.
  • Each recollection started will allow the recollection (additional bonuses) to be applied for.
  • You can force yourself to quit the game before defeat, and it will bring you back to the start of the fight in the same recollection that you were on.

Until The End – Finish the tutorial by defeating all enemies

  • This can be easy to miss for the first time, as there are only a number of turns you are allowed before The Child shows up and moves you forward through a cut-out scene (regardless if you have killed all enemies or not). AP management is the key to this, and you should try not to let Mother go to Burst mode if at all possible (meaning, do not spend more than 50 AP in a turn).

The following may be used as a guideline:

  • Follow the prompts until you have a free reign over your actions.
  • Turn 1 – Slash the enemy next to Mother
  • Turn 1 – Move SW one square diagonally
  • Turn 1 – Use the Vengeful Stance and then End Turn
  • Turn 2 – Move W one square
  • Turn 2 – Use the Vengeful Stance and then the End Turn
  • Turn 3 – Use the Hail of Shards (put it to hit both enemies in the SW corner)
  • Turn 4 – Move to the NE square of the central enemy, then the End Turn.
  • Turn 5 – Cut down the central enemy
  • Turn 5 – Use the Vengeful Stance and then End Turn
  • Turn 6 – If the enemy hasn’t moved next to you, you’ll need to get closer to it. If you’re moving, make sure your AP stays above 85. If you don’t move, you’ve got less to worry about
  • Turn 6 – Cut down the enemy
  • Turn 6 – Use the Sharp Hail
  • Complete!

A New Start – Reach the chrono map

  • This will be acquired upon completion of the Tutorial and upon arrival at the first era.

First Victory – Close the first Synapse

  • Will be acquired after completion of the first Synapse.

First Wound – A Daughter is killed in battle

  • Will be acquired when one of your daughters has been killed in battle.

Newborn – A Scythedancer has been germinated

  • This can be acquired after the defeat of the third boss (The Maid). Just create the Scythedancer Daughter.

One More Time – Start a new Recollection

  • This will be acquired as soon as you begin another recollection. This can be done by entering the Chrono Map manually or by defeat.

Rise Again – Resurrect one Daughter

  • Choose a daughter from your cemetery to be resurrected. You’re going to need a Resurrection Token to revive a Daughter. They can be acquired through Rescue Synapses or through Remembrances when a new recollection is started.

Killer – Kill 300 enemies

  • Self-explanatory

Blood Sacrifice – Lose 400 HP because of reaction or interruption skills

  • You’ll probably get this through normal play, but you’ll show once you’ve lost 400 HP due to Reaction or Interruption skills. While all classes have Reaction and/or Interruption skills, it is extremely easy to use the Soulsinger’s Intercepting Round and Shadow Round to protect and back up their allies. Each use will take 5-10 percent of her HP every turn.

She is Unique – Earn 5 traits on the same Daughter

  • Traits are earned either by sacrificing another Daughter of equal or higher level or by fighting. A Daughter can only have 1 Trait sacrificed at a time. Sacrificing another Daughter while she already has “A Part of [Name]” will overwrite the most recent one.In general, Traits can be acquired by fighting and completing certain requirements (killing a certain number of enemy types, being a certain class, being a certain level, completing certain types of Synapses, etc.) but it still contains a RNG element. Continue to use the same Daughter in as many fights as possible, and she should have 5 Traits before you finish the whole play.

Upgraded – Add one memory to a Daughter

  • Memories can be acquired by killing enemies in Synapses, and their drop rate can also be boosted by remembrance. Once you’ve earned a few memories, go to the Inner Void > Daughters Overview tab. Select a Daughter > select one of her skills > select an area under Equipped Memory > select an applicable Memory from the list. You’re going to need enough Vitae to equip it. Note that some memories can only be linked to certain types of skills.

Savior – Save a Bright Soul

  • Complete the Rescue Synapse and choose to save the Bright Soul. You’re going to get Vitae as a reward.

The Ends Justify the Means – Sacrifice a Bright Soul

  • Complete the Rescue Synapse and choose Bright Soul. You will receive the Resurrection Coin as a reward.

Bookworm – Discover all story chapters

  • You’re going to acquire this naturally as you play through the game. It’s supposed to unlock sometime in the Fifth Era.

A Necessary Sacrifice – Sacrifice a Daughter

  • Self-explanatory. Just choose to sacrifice your daughter. Sacrificing a Daughter of equal or higher level to her sister is going to restore HP and also give a trait.

Hard Choice – Sacrifice a Daughter with one memory attached

  • Self-explanatory. Sacrifice a Daughter who has at least one Memory attached to her skill.

Consumer – Spend 4000 vitae

  • You’re supposed to get this playing naturally through the game. Vitae can be spent on the germination of new Daughters as well as on the attachment of Memories to skills.

Fighter – Close 20 Synapses

  • You’re going to get this, of course, just playing through the game. Close down 20 synapses.  This can be done through multiple eras and recollections.

A New Leader – Have a level 15 Daughter

  • You’re likely to get close to the end of the game and only be between level 10-13. Remembrances can be activated, giving a 25 per cent and 50 per cent experience boost that can speed up the last levels a little bit. You will also gain the ability to give birth to new Daughters at higher levels after each Remembrance Boss.

The Plague – Defeat The Surgeon

  • This fight allows you to have 3 Daughters, and you’re likely to want at least one of them to be a Shieldbearer. The other two could be any combination of them. The main thing about this fight is to kill any and all the adds on the field as they buff the boss. Have the Shieldbearer snag The Surgeon and let the other two Daughters take care of the additions. Once all the adds have been destroyed, it will move to the next phase and all the Daughters will be able to focus on The Surgeon.

The Cellar Prison – Defeat The Deacon

  • This fight allows you to have four daughters. The main thing to keep in mind is that the 3 Daughters closest to The Deacon will be rooted, so keep the Daughter you want to be the most mobile away.

The Broken Beauty – Defeat The Maid

  • This fight allows you to have four daughters. Using 4 Soulsingers can work quite well because of this boss’s mechanics, but feel free to use your own class preferences.  The main part of this fight is that the boss is all about interruptions and reactions. Directly attacking her can cause damage to her, and moving her can cause healing, as well as a variety of other effects. Learn how she operates, and you’re going to win easily.

The Despair Creation – Defeat The Child

  • This fight allows you to have four daughters. The main thing about this fight is to be light-footed and ready to move. The boss will create a number of patterns of AOEs and will often teleport around the area.

The Long Nightmare – Defeat Suffering

  • This fight allows you to have five daughters. There are several class combinations that you can use for this fight to find whatever works best for you. My personal farewell was 2x Shieldbearers, 2x Soulsingers, 1x Scythedancer.The first part of this battle against the Nucleus is pretty easy.Kill the enemies on the field as they spawn and tear down the boss. The boss is going to teleport around a bit if he’s given the opportunity, and when he’s near death he’s going to start a “Hatching” attack.You can kill it before it hatches, or if you don’t do enough damage, the boss will blow up and damage any of the nearby Daughters. Irrespective of the method of his death, a cut scene is going to play bringing you up against Suffering.Suffering can become a long fight if it is not prepared correctly, so make sure you have the skills and memories set up to deal with it (in particular, any self/allied buffering skills with a 100% delay resistance initiative will help immensely). You should aim to do as much damage as you can before the boss takes a turn.

    Suffering will use a large number of attacks every time a turn is made, including delaying the turns of your Daughter, swapping places with the furthest Daughter away and causing damage and AOE damage, a cross-beam attack on each Daughter (make sure that no Daughters share columns or rows or may not survive), instant killing attacks, and more.

More Than Ready – Activate all Remembrances

  • This achievement can only be achieved by defeating Suffering and completing the game. This is when you get your last remembrance. You’re going to want to have enough Synapses completed to earn about 2200 shards. Once you start a new recollection, activate each remembrance, and you will earn the reward.

One Single Recollection – Defeat every boss in a single recollection

  • You’ll need to defeat every boss in a single recollection for this achievement. It could be any Recollection number, so use your Max Level Daughters to run through it in no time at all.Keep in mind that if you lose all of your Daughters or die to a boss, a new recollection will begin and you’ll have to start over. It’s also a good time to remember the force quit strategy in case things start to look bad. When you re-launch the game, you’ll start the fight right away so make sure your chosen Daughters have classes/skills/memories all set up beforehand.You’re going to want to play through Synapses to get Memories for later use, but this can be done extremely quickly with a couple of level 15 Daughters. Using Scythedancer’s The Harvesting paired with SoulSinger’s damage boost will annihilate anything in a single hit on the map.

    This can also be used to obtain more shards easily if you still need the ‘More Than Ready’ achievement.

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