Othercide Achievement List and Guide for Xbox One


Developer Lightbulb Crew and publisher Focus Home Interactive have released the official Othercide trophy list and guides for Xbox One.

In Othercide, players will be collecting 26 achievements worth 1000 Gamerscore. There is no secret or hidden achievements that can be found in Othercide. Check out the full Othercide achievements for Xbox One below.

Othercide Achievements

The PlagueDefeat The Surgeon30
The Cellar PrisonDefeat the Deacon30
The Broken BeautyDefeat the Maid30
The Despair CreationDefeat the Child30
The Long NightmareDefeat Suffering90
One Single RecollectionDefeat every boss in a single recollection100
Until the EndFinish the tutorial by defeating all enemies30
A New StartReach the Chrono Map15
First VictoryClose the first Synapse15
First WoundA Daughter is killed in battle15
New BornAn Scythebearer has been germinated15
One More TimeStart a new recollection15
Rise AgainResurrect one Daughter15
KillerKill 500 enemies90
Blood SacrificeLose 1000 HP because of reactions/interruptions30
She Is UniqueEarn 5 traits on the same Daughter90
UpgradedAdd one Memory on a Daughter15
SaviorSave a Bright Soul15
The End Justify The MeansSacrifice a Bright Soul15
BookwormDiscover all story chapters90
More Than ReadyActivate all Remembrances90
A Necessary SacrificeSacrifice a Daughter15
Hard ChoiceSacrifice a Daughter with one Memory attached30
ConsumerSpend 7000 vitae30
FighterClose 20 Synapses30
A New LeaderHave a level 10 Daughter30

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